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I went there for all my computer part needs, so I could build a gaming computer to surprise my brother, but their prices were ridiculous, I ended up returning the majority of my parts and buying them online elsewhere. After looking in other stores and online, I saved myself about $300 in the process.

The Microcenter near me doesn't even have a price match service, what a waste of time!

If they had that, it would have been easy to solve my problems. That's the last time I'm buying from Microcenter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hi there,

If you bring an advertisement to the store and speak with a manager, many times they can match or get close if it is a direct competitor. We do have the lowest prices around on processors and if you bundle with a motherboard, you usually can get even more of a discount.

I'm sorry to hear you decided against doing the build with us.



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Micro Center custrel@microcenter.com

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