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One day I went to MicroCenter in Fairfax, Virginia with my wife and when I'm about to check out and was behind lined up customers, the manager aproached me if everything is ok, I said I'm OK. When I'm done paying my items, the manager went behind the metal detectors and pretending that he's holding the shopping cart.

I don't like his attitude. Action speaks louder than words. I think He thought that I have an items in my belly inside my shirt and he's waiting if the metal detectors will sound off. I have been a customer of Micro Center for about 7 years .

Then I got a surgery for my colon cancer and I had a colostomy bag. They should know the health condition of their customers before they accused (by their action) someone as a shoplifter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Manager.

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they seem to treat every one like they are shop lifters,

i went in for a mother board,the sales person tryed to talk me into one i didn't want, tryed to play a tech when he knew nothing to a certified computer tech then followed me all the way to the register where i was treated like dirt when i refused to give them my personal information for a CASH sale.


Joe, you sure have a lot of replies to complaints for Microcenter. I just went there today and had probably the worst shopping experience of my life. I am attempting to contact the store mangaer after being told I could file a complaint o their site and was unable to find any section to do so.



Have you ever been diagnosed with paranoia?

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