I bought a net book online reconditioned, open box and the last one. I drove 40 miles to pick it up.

I paid for it and started out the door. I hear a clerk say "does she know it has a broken screen." I turned around and said no. He said that it stated this online. I had the print out and told him it did not.

This computer was "as is" so now they had to decide if they would refund my money. They finally decided that they would and there should have been no question of this. They never did show me where it said it was damaged online. I went home and checked my computer and it clearly did not say it was.

Later that day it showed up online as damaged and they had dropped the price to half of what it was when I was buying it. The clerks were not apologetic and when they were supposed to show me where it showed up on line as damaged they just left and never came back.

Really disappointed with their lack of concern or interest in keeping customers. Just another example of a business that doe not care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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yes its true, they are not reliable, always telling lie, i bought laptops they shipped the wrong order and then were not adjusting the order amount.. I ordered A grade I got Slaveg, i order B brade I got some slavage,,some C grade....

the wrost company i delat with in whole sale beware..

they are Fraud.. BIG FRAUD....


first of all, it does say what is wrong with online, i shop these items all the time and fix them myself and resale. There is a reason why it had a reduced price, did you really think you would be getting a fully functional computer at such a cheap clearanced price and listed as SOLD AS IS? The world does not work that way.

Dont blame a company for your blunder


I have had the same experience with MicroCenter.

They have been sued in the past for selling used equipment as "new".

I know for fact that they put return items right back on the shelf without testing. Now, I only buy from MC if I can't get it somewhere else or (because they are local) if I "have to have it right now..."

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