today is jan17,13. my name is barbara hollman, my email address is msciberspace@aol.com. iam submitting this complaint to 'pissed consumer"

i have been a customer at the madison heights store for about 5 years now. every since this white female manager started working at that store for about 3 years now she has been harrassing me, singiling me out, discriminating againist me because iam a black female computer builder.

every time i go into the store she would follow me around. she had the other assistance not want to help me anymore. when i would check out she would have several people at the door watching me leave out the store, looking at me like i stole something while everyone watch. i have never stolen anything from the store and never thought of it. i have always had a pleasent attitude no matter who bad iam being treated.

one day when i was purchaseing an item, she came from behind me and gave a note to the cashier and ran back. the cashier was very disturbed by it and so was i. i thought maybe she was trying to set me up.

every time i come into the store she would look very evil at me and follow me around. i try to speak to her and she would not speak back, looking evil and very mean.

how i no she is the manager, i sent an email that i was having a problem there. and yesterday. i came into the store, when i left out she started yelling, have a nice day, have a nice day,with an evil look on her face as i was leaving out the store. all out loud. letting me no she got the email.

black female computer builders has been discriminated againist from the beginning. people like that store manager r trying to let us no that this computer world is not for us and to get out of it, and if we dont, thay r going to make it very hard on us. .

i have a friend that is a black female computer builder that taught me how to build computers 25 years ago. she told me how she use to have to send other people in the store to purchase her items because the attendance would discriminate againist her. she told me all the things thay would do and say to harrass her and let her no she is not welcome there. now i see what she is talking about because now iam being harrassed and dicriminated againist too.

this happens at the madison heights store in michigan.

iam asking that u stop this harrasssment. i have done nothing wrong and i want to be treated like everyone else that comes to that store and not single me out of the crowded, and treat me like i stole something. maybe that is y black women computer builders never come to that store. because thay r being harrassed also.

there must be a law againist this. if the harrassment dose not stop, iam going to seek an attorney. and iam going to contact other black female computer builders and we r going to hold picket signs outside that store.

the reason iam so very angry now is because yesterday after the manager harrassed me, it ran my blood pressure up and i started having chest pain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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This is BS. You're obviously not an English professor and far from a "computer builder." Your "techno-speak" suggests that you have no business being in a computer store.

You should shop online or elsewhere if you feel you are being harassed. You must be a glutton for punishment if you continually return there.

to Jiggy #631588

I'm sure this woman did not come one this website to submit and English paper in hopes to get an A from professor faggy. She came to tell her story and how she is being treated.

If she has stolen or done something illegal the police should have been called and she could be "banned" from the store. I'm not sure how you can say she has no buisness being there and is "not a computer builder" when you don't even know her.

It just shows your total ignorance and how smart you must be. I am the one who witnessed this note situation and the manager should have just called the police if she had a problem and not acted like an ignorant weirdo as yourself.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #597312

Quit your whining. You are just another "I'm black", "i'm discriminated against".

Wah, wah, wah. I hear the *** all the time where I Live.

Grow up. White people didn't enslave you, get over your inferiority complex.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #595170


I'm so sorry that you feel this way when coming to the store in Madison Heights. I would really like to discuss this issue with you. Would you mind emailing me about it to custrel@microcenter.com ?

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