To whomever plans on shopping at microcenter, do yourself a big favor and shop somewhere else. I went into the store and asked the salesman if he could give me some advice on antivirus software.

I have been through every major brand of antivirus software and have not found a decent one yet. So considering that the salesman should be knowledgeable about these kind of things, I took his advice. Upon downloading the software, I could not get it to update its files. I soon realized that all the positive points made about the software were just made to get me to buy the product.

It was not professional advice. It was advice designed to separate the consumer from his wallet. It is my personal opinion that corporations should earn their keep through customer satisfaction. This company does not care about the consumers satisfaction.

They will tell you something is a good product not to satisfy the customers needs, but to sell, sell, sell at any cost, including the customers satisfaction. This is a terrible corporate citizen and they do not deserve anybody's business. Also, I brought my computer in for a technical restore job that they said would be done in 6 days.

12 days later, I was told they didn't even get to it yet. This company doesn't give a *** about you, all they care about is your money.

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So #1 - you expect some random salesman to know EVERYTHING.

#2 - you have a problem with software that has absolutely nothing to do with that salesman, as it is made and upheld by an entirely different company, it's just his job to sell it, and

#3 - instead of contacting the company for a defective product, or figuring out how to properly install it like everyone else seemed to easily figure out... you blame the salesman for your own incompetence.

Yeah sure, I'm going to be shopping at this Microcenter forever now, because I know I won't be annoyed by the idiots who are avoiding it. Go pay higher prices at Best Buy, they need business too. We'll both be happy.


I was offered Eset by them and it's working fine for me. An associate at their Mayfield store was very informative with it and it actually caught a few other viruses my old one didn't.

I'd try talking to one of the sales people before making judgements.

Plus I know they work on commission so I doubt that they just want your money since they want you to come back so they can keep making money from a customer instead of scaring them away. Please think before ranting.


*sigh* Which antivirus were you sold?

Did you follow the instructions correctly?

Did you uninstall any previous virus protections before installing the new?

Did you try and get customer support from the manufacturer or even MicroCenter it self?

I doubt ya did, thus why you're being a fairy about it.


Did the salesperson give you their business card? If so, contact them


Ask to speak with in-store tech support experts. They will be glad to help resolve your problem.


:zzz Your first mistake here is a really simple answer. Why purchase something like this when it is available for "FREE".

Filehippo is a terrific to find two of these FREE-BE's" @. ( there is a bunch more free be's up there too ) AVG, and AVAST. These are good and realiable softwares for avti-virus, and I have persaonally used these as well. These are rather large files and are intrusive some what as well.

Not to the point of not being unacceptable, but thay have their interests.These are each about 125-150 mb downloads. Personally I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's about a 15 mb down load and it as far as I can state after using it for about two years, really good.Popup blockers, malware, spyware protectioin as well included.These all operate through windows 7 as well. Did I mention FREE?

if you re a windows user, here you are Bud.

But if you are loaded with dollars and want or like to *** it off for same protection, well, that would be your choise. There is a load of folks out there that like FREE-Be's and have terrific success with them.

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