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I'm a corporate IT. I went to Microcenter to purchase new equipment for one the company I work for. I had a corporate credit card. For the first time ever, they wouldn't take the card. They put the cartful up at customer service. I leave without what's needed, call my boss on the way home. He calls the next day, can't pay over the phone, can't get that equipment on the net. He asks can he send me with a check. Oh sure. I return with a company check that their customer service people told the owner was perfectly alright. Well it suddenly wasn't when I went in to pick up the equipment they so graciously put on hold for me the previous day when the corporate card wasn't 'verifiable'. Instead of attempting to verify through the bank there's some fellow from some 'third party' and dare I say second rate company attempting to verify the check on the phone.

Nobody contacted the bank to verify anything. Including who is and isn't allowed to sign on the company card. They didn't try to verify or e-check the company check either. The comptroller checked. If Microcenter bothered to actually check, they didn't check anything. It was suggested we set up an A/R account to do business. No chance. Not if their idea of checking out account fraud involves 'third party' anything. Third party anything that isn't attached to banks and credit bureaus - you know, the people who would actually know and have BIG insurance to cover fraud and the hacking of their databases.

If you work for any corporate entity and have to go get equipment, send your boss or carry cash, although you better hope their little markers don't dry out. In fact, I suggest shopping elsewhere. Their sales staff is constantly 'busy' even when they're not. The register clerks are rude and are snarky with a smile. These folks will treat you like *** and that they're doing you a favor to do it. Not only did I make 2 45 minute trips to this store (because its closest) and they hassled me twice, they lied to my boss. They lost a 1000 dollar sale and about 10 in future sales between now and the end of this year. Plus the sale to any other IT and consultant I can and will warn off and warn away from Microcenter. I understand fraud is a big problem. That doesn't give this store the right to treat everyone like they're a thief or a fraud. Or to incorporate mysterious 'third parties' who don't access or maybe don't have access to real information in real time.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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