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In effort to clean the Spyware/Virus issue off my PC, I took my desktop I built at the Sharonville, OH store to the Cambridge store to have them take a look. I gave my name exactly as it appears on the receipt which I didn't have at the time, yet the customer rep assured me I wasn't in the system and hadn't purchased my CPU with any MicroCenter location.

I walked out to take a phone call to see if someone could locate the receipt at home..

I decided to have them wipe the PC regardless if I was "in" the system or not. Once I got back to the front of line, the customer rep that I had been working with stepped into the back room. I waited at the front of the line for nearly 45 min. During this time, I watched him look out from the back room to see if I was still there, purposely avoiding working with me to solve the issue.

He even managed to sneak around the service desk to the bathroom and back in thinking I hadn't seen him. I have always had a good experience at the store in Ohio, they are excellent, but you guys truly need to examine your hiring practices in Cambridge if this is the kind of person you expect to interface with customers. After he finally, came back out he was very short with me and rude.

I decided I'd fix it my self and save the money. Will not be returning to your Cambridge location.

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I apologize for your experience at the Cambridge location. I would be happy to help look into what happened here as it definitely sounds like an unpleasant experience.

Would you be able to email me further details to

I would truly value the opportunity to help.

Hope to hear from you shortly,


Customer Relations

Micro Center

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