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First, bought my son an Asus ther about 2 years ago. Purchased the extended warranty so he had 2 years of protection.

18 months in the hard drive atopped working. Called MicroCenter to advise of the issue and I couldnt find the paper work right then. They said I bought a 1 year warranty on top of the manufacturer. Why would I do this?

So I asked them to have a laptop hard drive ready qhen I arrive because they were the only place with a 2 TB available. I get there and question the lady as the packaging was huge and it was heavy. She assured me it was for a laptop and even looked it up on their site (or pretended to). So I drive an hour back home and take it to the repair shop to learn it was an desktop hard drive and they don't even make 2 TB laptop drives yet.

So...a week back I founs the was an extended year.

MICROCENTER trains their employees to be crooks. Happened twice to me.

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This sounds like a frustrating situation. I am happy to help figure out what's going on here to get this resolved for you.

Would you be able to email me at with contact information and reference to this review?

I would sincerely value the opportunity to see if we cant change this around for you.



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