Recently purchased a NEW H61M-DGS 1155 mATX Intel Motherboard, upon receiving the item it was cleared used when the CPU protector was sitting loose in the box and upon inspection the pins for the CPU were smashed and unit was beyond usable condition. Contacted the store and the sales girl was nice and stated return the item for replacement or credit. Since we got everything else from them we wanted a replacement.

Once we got there to swap it out, the Supervisor proceeded to be arrogant and ignorant stating no refunds on clearance items. This item was NOT a clearance item. After several minute of back n forth argument he agreed to exchange, but only after verbally accusing me of purposely damaging the unit.

This is unacceptable behavior and if I had been in front of him I would have been more aggressive in my response. I would NOT recommend the Towson, MD store after this experience.

These people need to realize that making threats or accusations without merit is a good way to loose a customer and to experience a lawsuit.

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South Lebanon, Ohio, United States #818642

Typical micro mental center ...I hate them now after a 5 year ONE WAY relationship. They really do suck.

Now I wait 2 days using Amazon ( fleabay is usually stolen or uses, damages etc JUST LIKE MICRO SINNER!) and get what I want the way I want it at terrific prices. SCREW MICRO ***

to BF #867471


Hilliard, Ohio, United States #805661


I came across your review and wanted to apologize for your experience. This definitely sounds frustrating and I would really love to get further details on this so we can look into what happened with your interaction with the manager.

Could you possibly email me at custrel@microcenter.com with further details and reference this review? We value your time and appreciate your feedback.

I am here to help.



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