We purchased a new HP computer and service policy on 11/22/2010 at your Marietta store. The salesman, George Somerville, was very knowlegeable, informative and went beyond the norm to answer our questions and help with our decision by printing out information so we could compare all the models.

Then he helped us with the end process at the check out. He also told us about some of the best security systems available and about the one that Micro Center uses. We were very pleased with his help and with our experience at Micro Center.

Thanks, George. Daryl and Carol

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Hey Sharak,

There's a whole science that teaches apes how to type on a computer like humans to post on websites...looks like that science worked great on you.


Sharak you're an ***...

Sales people are not robots that can be "programed". Being a good sales person is actually a skill that not many people have.

I've bought many computers from George...and continue looking for him when I go there. He truly cares about the customer. At microcenter, PC sales people are trained to earn the customer, not just that one sale.

Unfortunately websites like this give idiots like sharak who can barely make it out of their house without hurting themselves, an opportunity to talk about things they have no clue about. Other apes read it...and take it as the only truth and come to conclusions without actually experiencing for themselves.

Dallas, Scotland, United Kingdom #217330

Salesman are trained to be that way, there is a whole science is sales that is developed from surveys and studies and applied to salesman training. They are basically taught how the human shopper is programmed, and what buttons they need to push to get you to buy something.

Just wait till they have to honor their warranties, or you have to deal with a return or manager for any reason, they will treat you like dirt.

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