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Some partial thinking corporate person has stopped consumer contact via the phone to local stores. You can't contact any department, Management, sales associates, tech support or Mac department.

This is ridiculous! When you attempt to call the store you get put on hold with music that never ends until you hang up. None of your competitors or other similar stores have ended local store support via phone for there customers. I will do business elsewhere.

I don’t want to talk to corporate sales when I need to reach the store. GOOD By Microcenter!!!!

I will take my business to your competitors and I'm sure others will follow! Dumb decision!!

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Best buy does..... you call a best buy store and someone working from home answers the phone.

How do I know? I worked for Teletech and did the best buy calls! Really its smart that they do it. Think about ***!

Guess the next time you are in a store. I hope your sales person says....

Stay here got To take a call from another customer and not take care of you! *** feing ***!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #607053


I'm sorry you have experienced such trouble with our phone system. If you contact me at i can help you get in touch with the store.

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