All electronics have at LEAST a 15 day return period. Micro Center only has a 7 day policy.

Which is ridiculous and make no sense, if you are to buy a gift and it is not given till later than 7 days.. how inconvenient that they wont make any exceptions and sell horrible quality laptops that claim are not "refurbished" when indeed they are.. They sell *** quality items therefore there is the short return period, so items can not be returned. I was late 4 days!

and wil be stuck with a piece of *** that I can not do anything with. Never again doing business with them.

Monetary Loss: $338.

Store Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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While it sucks i think everywhere else is worse... best buy scams me way more... i came in here to complain about microcenter but seeing what people put without doing research makes me side with them and now i wish to make amends


Laptops are the only thing that have a 7 day return policy, which they waive around Christmas time. More than generous considering what a person can do to a computer in 7 days.


It says "refurbished" in pretty large letters on the sides on the boxes. Trust me, I buy these things 5 at a time at least 3 times a week.

It's also on the placards and in the ad.

And why do I buy so many from Micro Center? Because NewEgg doesn't take returns at all.


So did they refuse to honor their posted policy, or is this just a complaint about a policy you don't like?

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