I was just reveweing CPUs of desktop computer for just several mins today and then there is a messeage on the screen it's showed a message "

"Gateway GEO-IP/BOTNET Alert

This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Geo IP Service. Country Name:China Initiator IP:".

It's not right for people only reviewing and I am a customer who bought parts before and is going to recommend my amcercian friend to go to shop to buy an intel i7.

How should this happen and I did nothing except revewing the web.

I think the company need adjust the firewall except attacked.

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Same thing happened to me right now.

This is sad that they have done this.

Oviedo, Florida, United States #770903

I am a webmaster in the United States. We frequently block your whole country. Get used to it.


this is another *** from America

New Delhi, Delhi, India #659090

I'm from India and the same thing happens to me. Its not fair because I wanted my friend in US to order something.

He sent me the link but I'm not able to see because of that *** firewall.

It doesn't work anywhere but in US. Please do something about it micro center.

Pune, Maharashtra, India #642302

Same issue is faced by me. I have a home internet connection so there is nothing from my end which is blocking the site.

I think microcentre has some blocking machanism at there end which would block out side US ips!!

My friend was going to purchase a loptop and I was suppose to choose the product from microcetre.. How would i do that now!!

Bean Station, Tennessee, United States #596570

if your company blocks a website it has nothing to do with micro center's website. it means your work does not want you on that site.

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