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Update by user Jan 28, 2012

A miracle happened!

On 1/4/12 after only 27 days I received an e-mail. My origional harddrive was found. Thanks to Belarc and all the numbers they record for you.

I plugged it back in and it was just like December 1 2011 again. All my stuff was just where I had left it. Still had the \"ERROR MESAGE\" but now life was again good.

Thank You Matt Webb, Microcenter Customer Service

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2011

25 months on a 36 month Silver Warranty my Win 7 desktop had an error message about a potential hard drive failure. It recomended backing up the system and seeking tech support. I, having several options, took it in to the service department in Columbus. OH.

On evaluating the error message it was not imeadiatly determined to be genuine however, just to be on the safe side I was sold an external hard drive and a $65 back-up service to be preformed prior to diagnostics and repair.

2 days after receiving a message that servise had begun, I contacted the store and was informed the back-up was done and that a trojan had been found. Further testing was required.

4 days I checked again. Problem is the hard drive, it will be replaced and your machine will be just like new out of the box.

Next day (Thursday)a message, computer is ready for pick up.

Saturday morning I am at the store waiting. Matthew T. Webb, service department manager, wheeles my 'baby' out to me with the external hard drive. I ask him for my old hard drive, and he tells me that it is to be returned to the manufacturer and I can not have it back.

I go home, plug my machine in and find a Dell box with nothing but Win 7 installed. No recovery partition or Dell software as promised. I attach the back-up drive to look for my 27GB photo collection, music library, old tax returns, emails, documents, favorites, videos. 11 years of friends and family and all I find are empty folders, lots of empty folders.

I return to the store and everyone is sorry for my loss. Mr Webb is gone but contacted by phone authorized a refund for the back-up. A search of the store does not turn up my old drive.

The next day Mr Webb is sorry, he made a mistake in not returning the old drive to me (store policy is to return old drives to the customer) Drive was shipped to their distribution center & he requested a search.

After threedays the word is it can not be found and he was denied access to the site to personaly search as it is secure.

If I will bring my computer back, they will not only replace the for *** hard drive they had installed with the Seagate that had come out but, they would even replace the recovery partition and Dell software as was promised.

Micro Center Service in Columbus, Ohio sucks!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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your fault for not backing up.. sorry mate..

but daily backups are easy to schedule, if you value your data.. well back it up.


If they replaced the drive, wouldn't that mean it had failed? Sounds like the data was gone before you brought it in...


Sounds like they did lose your data. But I'm sure you signed a waiver that says all data may not be recovered.

And they didn't charge you for it, they offered a refund.

This is what happens when you ignore the warnings that were given to you a lont time before going in for service, and i quote from you:

"It recomended backing up the system"

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