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I used to love Micro Center. My family has bought many laptops and other electronics from both of their stores in Columbus and Cleveland branches.

In my experience from the last 3 years I can say with great confidence I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND, OR PURCHASE ANYTHING THAT IS AFFILIATED WITH THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN! I have been a loyal customer and they have disrespected me more than any company ever has in my life! I purchased a laptop February 2013 I was a sophomore attending college and needed a new laptop. I bought the laptop, the case, the 2 year warranty through Micro Center just in case I knew I would be able to get help.

This all totaled to $1,500. In 6 months, my computer did not work so I had to drive 4 hours back home and waste valuable time and gas money to get it fixed. I went in on a Friday, Micro Center 1st excuse was that “I had to wait until Monday for tech to look at it. I had classes Monday and had to cancel them but I thought “it’s fine” Micro center will have fixed and I will not have another problem.

They fixed the 1st problem but along came a 2nd problem and that happened the same exact way drive back from school to home to wait and cancel my Monday meetings and class. The 3rd problem occurred it is 2015 now, I knew something was not right with the laptop they sold me but instead management decided to lie and tell me this was simple issues and luckily I had a warranty so I can get it fixed without having to pay. My laptop worked well for the last couple of months but in the 5th time my computer just shut down, nothing worked. The manger told me that specific laptop had been having issues so finally Micro Center (Cleveland) told me tech support could not fix my laptop and I could get the money back just for the current retail value of the laptop minus fees, use of warranty etc.

I get a $400 gift card back I can only use at Micro Center stores! I am in the middle of my 4th year of college and I don’t have a laptop now, money wasted from driving back and forth so many times, my mom having to mail it back and most importantly wasted time. This was absurd to me and definitely left my first bad experience with them. I thought do not let this one bad experience stop you and just the $400 gift card to purchase a new laptop.

Well that was the biggest mistake I have made. I went to the Columbus store since it was the main store and a middle ground for my mother and I to meet. I was able to purchase a nice Dell laptop that was about $500 and I did not get a warranty this time because I felt my last experience was a hassle and in the end not worth it. It is October and I was graduating in April 2017.

Well it is March of 2017, 6 months later my laptop has stopped working yet again! I took it to my tech support at school thinking it was something minor instead they told me it was a bigger issue and it was better off to just buy a new laptop. I called Micro Center and explained that I just purchased this laptop etc., they told me in lamest terms that my laptop was not under warranty with them but I could come in to pay for their tech support to fix the issues or call Dell. I called Dell but they also said my warranty was expired since it has been 6 months.

I am so frustrated, anger and most of all disrespected and hurt. I am in my final month of my obtaining my undergrad degree and I have no laptop or info I can save!! My laptops sill was brand new, I took great care and pride in my things I own. This company has just taken my money and given me products that don’t even last a year without problems!

You do not treat any valued customer in this manner. I understand that electronics do have issues but the same exact problems happening with two laptops that are not the same brand is just ridiculous to me!

The fact you knew before the 5th time my laptop was bad and continued to make me use the tech department and strained it out for 2 years, and when I give your company a second chance the same problem happens! I am disgusted and I hope everyone reads this and learn the easy way DON’T USE MICRO CENTER FOR ANYTHING!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Laptop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Just for other customers to have a better experience and never experience what I have. I wish I could get a good new laptop but I'm sure there is policies and issues with that. .

I didn't like: Overall service, No help, Spent money for no reason.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1312953

Hi there,

Please email me at custrel@microcenter.com and I would be ahppy to look into this with you.



Customer Relations

Micro Center custrel@microcenter.com


"In my experience from the last three years..."

You're not a fast learner, are you?

to Anonymous Circleville, Ohio, United States #1306878

I am a fast learner, just try to give things a second chance.....I had one computer for 2 years that had issues that the tech department "fixed"... then I had to use the gift card and bought a new computer which now is about the 3rd year. :)

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