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After much research I decided on a replacement computer for home. I went to Micro Center to take a look at the computer I had selected as it was featured in a sale circular I received that day.

I was told at the store that they had already sold out but that they had their own house brand that met, and exceeded the specs of the computer I came in to purchase. After all, they claim to be the computer specialists, right? I bit, and have regretted it ever since. Right out of the box neither of the wo card readers worked.

Now, after it completely failed, countless phone and online diagnostics by Micro Center Customer Service, and two trips, the computer does not function at all.

They didn't tell me I was getting a disposable computer, but a top of the line computer -NOT! Very Poor Customer Service!!

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #584679


I would like to look into this and see whats going on. Would you mind emailing me at with your contact info? Maybe we can figure out whats going on and make this right.

to Micro Center Customer Relation Marietta, Georgia, United States #595709

Microcenter Customer Relations;

Well, I am pleased to report that MicroCenter stepped up to the plate and made things right! :grin

I took some time off at New Year's and was able to get it back to the store.

They ran diagnostics and came up with the same results that I did, as did the phone tech, etc. No excuses, just fixed it. They replaced both card readers, wiped it clean and reinstalled the OS.

I am out a few programs, since they were downloaded rather than installed by DVD, but at least the computer is functioning again. Oh, and they determined it was not malware, nor virus, which is a great thing since we are pretty vigilant there.

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