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Addition: If they thrashed my top exhaust fan and hard drive during their failed \"repair\", including the $70.00 Repair fee, that could cost me roughly $300.00 or more.

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To begin, I'd just like to say that I am a loyal customer of Micro Center. They've always been extremely helpful in assisting me with everything I've ever needed. They have knowledgeable staff on hand ready to help me answer any questions I have. For years now, I've invested my business with them because of these reasons.

With that said, this is the first time I've actually been unsatisfied with my customer experience. About a month ago, my computer broke down. I tried everything I could think of to fix it. Micro Center employees were very helpful and I followed many of their suggestions - including investing hundreds of dollars in replacing hardware in the computer (hardware purchased from Micro Center).

Despite all the investment, my computer continued to fail to function properly. To be specific, it was not posting to bios. So, finally, I turned my computer over to Micro Center's tech staff for $70.00 to diagnose the problem and find out what was wrong through their professional service.

The wait time was 4 days, I didn't hear back from them for a week.

After a week, I was notified that my computer was ready for pick-up. When I first arrived, I noticed that the customer service rep behind the counter was disgruntled and kept making comments such as "It's time for me to go home." and overall just making myself and other customers unwelcome, as if our presence was somehow an inconvenience for him.

I understand that, towards the end of the day, we can all get a little frazzled. In fact, I would not have complained about his behavior if it had not elevated. His name is Tarrant (and I believe his last name is Gibson?)

When I approached the counter, I was smiling and I said "I hear you have my problem child fixed." in hopes that joking around and being overall friendly would help him get into a better mood. It did not seem to help and I noticed a lot of passive aggressiveness in him. He was sucking his teeth, which I find very disrespectful, and carried this demeanor that made me feel like I should not be there.

After handing him my identification card since I did not have the receipt from the computer turn-in to prove who I was (something that clearly upset him, because he made him behave even more condescending as if I was inconveniencing him to be a valued customer), he left for the backroom to get my computer. While he was walking back there, I could hear him complaining about not wanting to be there (at the store) anymore.

When he returned with my computer, he printed out a receipt and told me I owed him over $200.00. Naturally, I was surprised and said "What? Excuse me?" To which he replied, in a very condescending way, "Sir, please calm down and lower your voice." Now, normally, if I was an irate customer, that would have been proper policy. But I was simply showing surprise that I could owe so much money.

So I explained to him that I was not trying to cause any problems and I was just confused as to why I owed him money. To elaborate, a week earlier under the advice of a Micro Center employee, I purchased a brand new CPU processor, an i7-960 because I was advised that the problem was most likely my processor (and thus, investing -more- of my business into the store). Apparently, someone made a mistake and charged me for the processor replacement because, according to the repair, it turned out the processor I purchased was faulty so rather than replace it for free, they charged me for a new one.

When the customer service rep, Tarrant, realized they had made a mistake (since I bought the processor less than 2 weeks prior, it was obviously still under warranty), he started sucking his teeth and acting like I had somehow inconvenienced him in some way. He kept slamming the pen down on the debit card slider and behaving in a very disrespectful way toward me as if I had been personally responsible for the mistake they made.

After my horrible experience with this customer service rep, I thanked him for helping me and took my computer home.

To make matters worse, when I turned my computer on to verify that they had fixed my computer, like they said they had, I noticed that not only was my computer NOT booting up properly, but the top exhaust fan was not working and my hard drive was not working.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what went on with the repair of my computer outside of what they said about replacing my CPU processor chip with a new one, but when I turned my computer over to them, those two pieces of hardware were working just fine.

Almost everything in my computer are hardware parts I bought from Micro Center because I value their business and I've always been a loyal customer. I just can't believe that I had such a bad experience this time and I'm just not sure what to do now.

I emailed their customer service people with this complaint asking for some sort of resolution. I was informed that I would be contacted within 48 hours. It has now been 48 hours and I haven't heard from -anyone-. They clearly don't value my business and care nothing for what they have done to me.

I am an Iraq veteran just returning from overseas and the -one- prized possession I have, my computer, was /trusted/ to these people and they totally thrashed it, gave me a pat on the butt and sent me on my way.

I've even tried calling their corporate office, but the number I call -never- accepts a phone call and there is no option for voicemail.

This all happened at the Marietta, GA store on Powers Ferry Rd. The customer service rep's name was Tarrant Gibson (if I remember correctly).

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Madison Heights, Michigan, United States #820817

I to am very displeased with Micro center. I purchased a camera and a SD card (for my daughter's prom), only to find out that the camera was used and returned, also the SD wireless card had a code on the card that made it useless, (So much for my child's pictures on prom night, it didn't happen).

This is the second time that I have purchased items from the store (paying full price) clearly buying used products. The store is selling products that have been returned and opened as new products. Please make sure that your items have not been opened or are not returns, if so get an open box price or discount for used items. It has been over a week, and I still have not received a return call from the store.

I would not recommend (Madison Heights, MI). although I love the place I can not recommend them, some of them act like they don't care about the customers. NOT all but some.

E. Sledge


Microcenter in Madison Heights Michigan is truly a joke. They call themselves professionals, give me a break.

When some of the technicians work on your computer they take too long to fix it.

I had my computer in for six days when it could have been done in 3 days. They start on your computer and then take a day off, then maybe they will start again. What has happened to work ethics.

If this company continues to go in this direction you will fall. Do yourself a favor, make a complete turn around for the better.


Microcenter in Madison Heights Michigan is a great store, however their customer service lines are extremely long and very slow. This is hard for a handicap person to stand in those long ridiculous lines.

That needs to be changed. Many customers have left and went to other stores.

You are losing business this way. Your store rating is terrible when it comes to customer care.

Signed Anonymous


Micro Center Repair quoted a repair of $600. I did not let them repair it.

It only needed a re-load of Windows and new BIOS battery (maybe $50). So I would not recommend using their repair services (Madison Heights, MI).

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