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I have been working and purchasing equipment with Micro Center Fairfax for several years. I have purchased the extended warranty on a number of items. I have neither returned nor had the need to execute against a warranty until today.

The receptacle on my son's Toshiba laptop worked its way free, an obvious hardware failure, under normal wear and tear on an 18 month old computer, with a 3 year extended warranty.

I was told by the salesman and then by the receiving agent that the repair was covered. I was then called earlier today and notified that the repair was not covered as it was "˜accidental'. Note that there was no indication of dropping or any other sign of accident- it was just a simple hardware failure. I was then told that Micro Center was not going to cover the repair- an obvious default on the contract.

I am interested in understanding the scope of Micro Center's default(s). There is likely a class-action issue which would best serve the public and prevent such fraud. I am considering my options, but may set up a central collection point for issues, identify an interested attorney and began a class action process. Stand by.

In the mean time, be very careful not to purchase these warranty(s), they are not worth the paper they are written on, nor the trouble it will take to remedy the problem. Basically, they are worthless.

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