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My 2-year old HP Pavillion wouldn't boot up, so I took it to MC. They charged $75 for a "diagnostic" fee, then told me I needed a new mother-board and a clean out. I paid it. Got the unit back, same problem. They told me the new mother-board was defective and replaced it for free. Took it home, same problem. Took it back and they told me: must be the hard drive and charged to replace that, but didn't refund for (1) the motherboard that wasn't the real problem (?) or (2) the FAILED diagnostic. (This is important, because the failed diagnostic drew me in deeper.) I took the unit home after $700 worth of repairs on a $500 computer and it still didn't work. I took it back and MC told me, "Sorry we did everything we could." (They certainly did! Cha-ching!)

In the end MC never figured out what was wrong with my unit and never fixed it, though they charged $75 to "figure it out" and $700 for "the repair". Because they had no idea from the outset, I couldn't make an informed decision or even begin to realize the repair wasn't worth it, based on the value of the computer. If the hard drive was ultimately to blame, (1) it should have worked after they replaced that - it never did - and (2) I shouldn't have been charged for a mother board. No way I should have been charged for both.

Should you have to buy all the parts one at a time and put them together to determine you're totally screwed?

To pay $700 to fix a $500 computer is clearly not worth it, but to go through that and then still not have the computer working means simply lighting your money on fire. MC charged me $700 to throw my two year old computer way and I still needed a new one. It gets better:

I bought a 1 Terra-byte Hitachi external hard drive for the back up I was told they could do on my dead computer. Another $100 in equipment, plus $65 for the back up. (I'm now at $865 and chasing data - plus I'll still need a new computer.) I get the external hard drive home and use it for one back up. It stops spinning, never works again. What kind of trash are they selling in that place?

In the end I paid nearly double what my computer was worth to have MC trash it for me (with new parts). They use trial and error, replacing one part after another, and saying, "Nope, couldn't have been that - we replaced that part." This is the most expensive way to go about it and the stupidest way to check for problems. It's like replacing an engine in your car because the spark plugs are fouled, then putting the old spark plugs back in and saying, nope, wasn't the engine, must be something else, then charging for the unnecessary engine anyway and moving on to the next uneccessary repair ala guesswork, in the end paying more than the new car price for the repair, having to walk home and still needing a car.

These shucksters just collect money for a living. They take everyone hostage to the emotionally-charged issue of personal data loss, turn them upside down and shake their pockets out. They're like prostitutes or drug dealers or stick-up men: They feel like they've failed if they've left you with any money at all.

Just know that when you go to Micro Center for any reason you are stepping onto a conveyor belt where you will be processed and taken apart from every angle. They will smile in your face, appear professional and courteous, but take you for everything you're *** enough to pay. They simply must be forced out of business for the good of humanity.

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One day I went to MicroCenter in Fairfax, Virginia with my wife and when I was ready to pay and I was behind lined up customers, the manager aproached me if everything is ok, I said I'm OK. When I'm done paying my items, the manager went behind the metal detectors and pretending that he's holding the cart.

I don't like his attitude. Action speaks louder than words. I think He thought that I have an items in my belly inside my shirt. I have been a customer of Micro Center for about 7 years .

Then I got a surgery for my colon cancer and I had a colostomy bag. They should know the condition of their customers before they accused (even in their action) someone as a shoplifter.

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