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I bought a laptop last year from micro center, $650 for laptop, $150 for 3 year warranty, $100 for taxes and fees total of $900. It was refurbished so I was iffy about buying it... but the sales guy ASSURED me with confidence that the warranty will cover repairs, worry free, for the next three years. That assurance was the only reason I purchased a refurbished laptop.

8 months after purchase, there was loss of video and sound and DVD drive broke. I drop it off, they take 30days to fix it, I take it home and sound and DVD still dont work but Video is back. I complain about the sound and DVD.

1 month later video is gone, again. I take it back and apparently they didnt replace any parts they just fused some wires together to get it working again. This time I told them to fix sound and DVD and REPLACE defective parts. I get it back, again no sound or DVD. At this point I purchased a desktop elsewhere while my laptop was in repair, so I didnt use my laptop for a month...

When I start using it again, the video goes out 2 weeks after using it. I take it back in and said thats enough just change the motherboard. They call me back and say this is 3rd time they have had to do repair on it(even though they never actually replaced any parts at ALL), they will buy out my warranty for a $300 gift certificate to the store, or fix the laptop 1 more time and then warranty is over. We are now 1 year into my warranty.

The whole time, their customer service seemed incompetent and untrained. They always ignored me, sat on their laurels instead of taking care of customers. Anytime I asked for manager they would grab all their things and walk out the store saying they just are taking lunch breach or got to go they dont stop 2 minutes to reassure me they will talk to me when they can, they just completely try to avoid me. In 6 months they havent answered their phone once. I had to drive to the store frequently, at different hours of the day each time and each time their superiors run off on break or lunch. At first I thought I was making bad timing but over time I realized they are fleeing from doing their job, and laughed at me when I pointed it out. AWFUL, they "dont know" the phone number for their store manager or corporate office.

This is the Orange County Micro Center, in California. AWFUL STORE. Go with Best Buy, or anywhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Repair.

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:( they said will take 2 weeks for it to get fixed i called them is said is it in good condition no or my ipad


Ok this issue was resolved. After speaking to the store's general manager(service manager still avoided speaking to me) the manager agreed to mark down a laptop at a value of $600(about 80 less than my previous laptop) to the value of the gift certificate from micro center's extended warranty($300).

I confided in my mom, and she got involved because between the 2 of us we have bought 5 computers and laptops from them in the last 2 years.

After my mom spoke to them, they ended up marking down a $730 laptop to the value of my gift certificate(about $50 more than my previous laptop).

I am now VERY happy with my new Acer(last one was HP and will never buy an HP again). I am glad they resolved the issue, but my complaint about their service department being incompetent still stands. They also still never answer the store phone, neither customer service nor repair. See for yourself (714)566-8500

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