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Update by user Aug 10, 2014

Thanks Microcenter for clearing everything up and honoring the mistake.I'm totally satisfied.

Thanks to James from customer relations for reaching out. The new computer was there when I got there and they explained the warranty clearly.

A 2year accidental warranty will cover the value of your machine. Say it was a 2000.00 computer you would get 2000.00 on a giftcard if the computer was unfixible.

However the value of the coverage on the warranty depreciates everytime you need a repair. So 2000.00 becomes 1700.00 and so forth.

So if you can fix a minor issue on your own do it so the value of the warranty stays intact. You really want to maintain the value for your time of need.

Also the 1 year accidental kicks in after the manufacturers warranty.

The 2 year accidental kicks in as soon as you leave the store.

Hope everybody understands this information.

Update by user Aug 05, 2014

I just spoke to Glen today. He acknowledged that the sales associate misrepresented the warranty.

Glen also acknowledged that D.Bruno shouldn't have diagnosed my computer by saying I probably messed up the 2 usb ports by plugging my usb Hard drive in the ports.

Glen also acknowledged that Mr.Bruno shouldn't have given me a secondary diagnosis by saying the usb ports where a manufacturers issue and they would have to send the computer to dell for fixing. Mr.Bruno made this diagnosis without taking the computer out the box.

The Irony is that Glen called me 40minutes before his shift ended. Why not call me when micro center opens at the beginning of the shift and invite me to resolve the issue in person?

Yet Glen refused to directly address the issue of misrepresentation and unprofessional diagnosis by asking me to come back for another diagnosis.

The core issue is that a warranty was misrepresented and I was told I would receive a new computer if the current one I have malfunctioned. If my unit is not available a comparable unit (identical or almost identical) should be issued.

Sales associate - misrepresents warranty to sell it Service manager - Diagnosis computer while it's still in the box without touching or seeing it? Says he believes that what I said about the sales associate misrepresentation about the warranty is true, but can only give me a refund?

if the warranty was misrepresented I should receive that which was and remains misrepresented. Supervisor - has no idea how to proceed with issue says Glen will be back from vacation soon, says Vicki will call Upper manager - Vicki resolves issue with my voice mail, not me. (not a good experience) Upper manager - Glen acknowledges all wrong yet he still will not give me an exchange for a new machine. Warranty misrepresented.

Computer. Unprofessionally diagnosed. Management mismanaged the issue. So far no accountability has been taken by management.

Glen said he was going above and beyond regular customer service.

All he did was entertain a conversation to get his way and have me bring the computer for another diagnosis. He never directly addressed the issue by correcting the error in customer service.

Update by user Aug 03, 2014

I'm pissed right now. I just woke to condescending voice male from one of the lead managers.

Vicki left me a message telling me that I wrong. She didn't address the misrepresentation of the warranty not did she offer the exchange for a new computer. Which the sales associate said would happen if I purchased the 2 warranties.

Instead of just asking me to call her back she treated my voicemail like a person and started discussing the issue with certainty. Mind you she hasn't even spoke to me yet.

I wonder if all four people at micro center actually understand english. Your sales associate made a mistake that I should not suffer for period. Accountability is accepting your mistake not passing it on to someone. Customer service is not a strong suit a micro center so far.

They are more focused on telling you how wrong you are and push this in store gift certificate on you and expect you to buy their products after they ripped you off and said it's your fault. I'm calling microcenter again. I have a feeling vicki doesn't want to help me. I have this feeling that all she wants is to get me out of hair.

Your sales associate misrepresented a warranty to sell it. I need a new computer like I was promised if my computer malfunctioned in the future not a refund 4 months later.

If your competitors provide excellent customer service why can't you.

I feel like I'm dealing comcast customer service. Is there any sane microcenter representative that can call the microcenter in Chicago and explain that if they lie about a warranty to make a sale they should be accept responsibility for it.

Update by user Aug 02, 2014

I called them today and talked to someone. Apparently the GM and AGM are MIA.

She was the supervisor. Long story short she tried to give me the runaround and did not document my complaint, she only took my number and said Vicki or Duke will call you. The sales associate misrepresented the warranty to my wife and I to sell it to us. Microcenter should accept accountability for misrepresenting a warranty.

All the sales associate said was if get the accidental and the extended warranty we would be able to exchange it if something happened no questions asked (she never said anything beyond that). We asked her to reiterate and she said the same thing.

That is a misrepresentation of a product warranty.

Had I known I was going to be forced to get a gift certificate I would have never ever went through with purchase.

I just need what I was told I was going to get if I purchased the warranties. Which is new replacement.

Update by user Aug 02, 2014

I had to keep the computer for work. That's the only reason I was able to type this complaint.

They basically told me who cares take your money and leave. Really.

Real bad customer service. Passive aggressive and condescending.

Original review posted by user Aug 02, 2014

I bought a new computer from Micro Center and the sales rep tells me that if I add the extended warranty along with the accidental warranty I would be able to exchange my computer if it malfunctioned or broke accidentally with out any questions or issues.

Micro center sales associate misinforms me to sell a warranty and all the manager cared about was telling me how wrong I was. Didn't want to honor the warranty but in essence revoke it and provide me a gift certificate for something that doesn't exist.

I've been dealing with the Apple Store (a computer store) for years. What Apple does have is amazing customer service, honors a warranty, have integrity and comprehend customer service. They don't tell you tough cookies we'll refund your warranty. They honor the warranty.

The reason I went to Micro Center over the Apple store was because they won my trust after several years of dealing with them for various PC needs (memory upgrades etc). I make a full switch to PC for work and now I feel deceived.

If the computer I bought is not in stock I the customer should not be penalized. Especially since the sales rep misinformed me just to make a sale on a few warranties.

Micro Center staff made me feel ***. They made it seemed the reason their sales rep misinformed me was my fault. The manager totally made me feel like my business wasn't appreciated and my warranty on a 4 month old computer (basically brand new computer) would be subjugated to a forceful refund that negates my warranties.

It's crazy cause I feel like someone conned me out of my money knowing the warranty wasn't gonna help me at all. My computer was never covered I was never gonna get an exchange.

2645 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1550.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #851201

The ol bait and switch. lol.

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #851048

Hi reelsol,

I apologize for the frustrating experience.Can you email me with your receipt reference number and a good way to contact you? I am happy to help.



Customer Relations

Micro Center

to McCustrel Chicago, Illinois, United States #851171

my wife forwarded you the receipt and the information you requested please feel free to contact the number in the email at your convenience. thank you we can't wait to get this matter resolved

to McCustrel #851844

I sent the information you requested to your email This is the Subject header (Reelsol from (consumer complaints ) has responded to your request for contact).

My wife and myself have forwarded you the receipt and information to contact us.


Also had a warranty issue at Microcenter, same store, Had an Xbox that went bad and bought the warranty at the time since it was notorious machine to go down, well they won't honor THEIR warranty until the manufacturers has expired, problem there was that Microsoft extended theirs to two more years and when I bought the warranty it was just 1 year, all they wanted to do was blame Microsoft and not fix my console, which Microcenter warranty was now expired, that was the CATCH 22, i bought a warranty that doesn't kick in until the other runs out,but it was expired now since I only bought coverage for a year, so it NEVER started the micro center one because once Microsoft's extended it to beyond my coverage micro center, yeah it doesn't make sense, and they made sure not to recognize the situation.

to Ricardo #850127

The manager David totally brushed me off like I was a fool. If they gave me a deal on my computer they should still honor the warranty they said I got when I paid for it.

I didn't want to get into a yelling match. I could tell he was uncomfortable. They the only way I could exchange it was if something accidental, so then he says, maybe you plugged something into the usb port that made it malfunction. Wouldn't that constitute accidental.

Of course it would. Then he switched gears and said oh we gotta send back to the manufacturer it's there issue. Then he told me he wasn't going to do what he knew what he was supposed to do which was exchange it for a new one. He said I'm not gonna change it for a new one because you got such a good deal.

It's my fault cause I got a good deal from your store? Really? I'm confused - tigerdirect , bestbuy, apple, are computer stores who honor they're warranty. Micro Center just flicked me the bird.

I'm calling them today. I need this issue fixed.

Apple would've fixed this problem already. It's basic customer service.

to Ricardo #850141

I spoke to the manager David there. He basically tried to make me feel like it was my fault that his sale rep purposely misinformed me just to sell 2 warranties.

One being accidental the other an extended warranty. I was told that if I got the accidental and the extended warranty together I would be able to return my computer for an exchange with no questions asked if it had any issues. 4 months later I have an issue take my computer in for an exchange and David tells me because MicroCenter gave me a good deal he wasn't going to exchange my computer for new one. That was that.

Apple has never done that to me. They say hold on a second. Here you go sir. Done.

Warranty Honored.

He really gave me the runaround. He tried to make me feel ***. The whole experience was condescending. The Customer Service rep told me that I could exchange it if some accidental happens.

So I tell David that I plugged a Usb Drive I bought from Microcenter into the port and he says well you could've accidentally done something to mess it up. Cool O.K. I'm covered right? No.

He back tracks and says well it's a manufacturers we're gonna send it back for you. Whaaaat!!! Then he says well we refuse to give you a new one that is comparable to yours because you got such good deal.

Apple Associates never did that to me.


I get the Oh' you need this for work huh. Hold on a sec. Here you go.

Have nice a day.

Microcenter gave the yeaaaaaaaa sorry nothing we can do. Because we gave you a good deal on a machine you bought 2 warranties for.

I'm calling them today for sure. The customer service rep asked me why I didn't talk to the person who sold me the 2 warranties. I did.

Which is why I bought the 2 warranties. Does anyone see my frustration. This is a big company and they're acting like corner store thugs. Warranty what warranty.

We won't take accountability. This is awful.

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