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I shop often at Micro Center, and I know they often have a broader selection at better prices than, say, Best Buy.

However, I have seen vividly how their computer repair serrvice works. I will detail one situation, but this is typical.

Office 2007 would not accept updates on a computer bought at their store. They charged me to install it "using a workaround" and said all updates were in place. They were not. They just reinstalled the software from disk - big help!

Turned out it was a Microsoft problem. I actually got very good, prompt help from Microsoft (imagine that!) and got the problem fixed (computer needed new version of Microsoft update agent). Now why coudn't Micro Center have done that? Or admitted they could not help???

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Repair.

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Farmingdale, New York, United States #726880

West berry customer service phone number sucks! No one ever picks up the phone,ever!

Every time I go to the store the phones ring and ring and ring there's No one even there to answer them. :(


How did you know their work around was installing it from the disk? I cant see any tech saying they did a work around of installing from a disk.

Thap Than, Uthai Thani, Thailand #73903

To whom it may concern:

I bought a refurbished HP laptop from your Westbury, NY store back in July of 2008. Recently I brought it into your repair shop there and found out that not only is the LCD screen shot, but the computers hard drive needs to be replaced as well!!! I was told by the sales person last year that the computers are as good as new and that the only reason they’re so much cheaper than the original price is because they are outdated models. I paid a little over $600 for mine and have now sunk almost $350 into it for repairs. This is totally unfair and not reasonable. I would like to know what if anything Micro Center will do to help me. I don’t think a laptop should last one year and only to be told “sorry, its not covered under the warranty anymore”. The person I’m dealing with over at Westbury is a guy named Dan. He’s very very nice, but anytime I want to speak with anyone at the store forget about calling. NOBODY ever picks up the phone. Can you please help me out. I can be reached at 516-318-4819. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



Derry, Pennsylvania, United States #36306

Hello Rick,

Thnak you for sharing your experience. I do apologize that the service you have received has been less that we expect from our stores. please share with me the store location you visited. I would like to look into this issue.

Thank you,

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