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Returned my computer after an up grade because of processor not stable, mother board not recognizing my ram smell coming from board... Pic up my computer and still had the same problem.

Over clocked my ram.. Took it back again and when I picked it up..

They unplugged my 3.0 device and bent the pins on the motherboard.. Windows is corrupt

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Herndon, Virginia, United States #899529

Back to micro center again...the 5th time since my so called upgrade,computer will not even fire up . no power last time they bent the pins on the board....wonder if the smell i had been complaing about had anything to do with it ...You think????

By the way what ever happend to who took my in info and phone number and said hed get back to me ...that was about 3 weeks ago

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #885971


I apologize for the trouble with your unit in for service. From some reason this site will not allow me to view your full review.

From what I can see though, it sounds like a frustrating issue.

Can you email me at with your review and further details? I am happy to help!



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