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Update by user Aug 10, 2014

Thanks Microcenter for clearing everything up and honoring the mistake. I'm totally satisfied.

Thanks to James from customer relations for reaching out. The new computer was there when I got there and they explained the warranty clearly. A 2year accidental warranty will cover the value of your machine. Say it was a 2000.00 computer you would get 2000.00 on a giftcard if the computer was unfixible.

However the value of the warranty everytime you need a repair. So 2000.00 becomes 1700.00 and so forth. So if you can fix a minor issue on your own do it so the value of the warranty stays intact. You really want to maintain the value for your time of need.

Also the 1 year accidental kicks in after the manufacturers warranty.

The 2 year accidental kicks in as soon as you leave the store.

Hope everybody understands this information.

Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2014

Your sales associate misrepresented a warranty to sell it. I need a new computer like I was promised if my computer malfunctioned in the future not a refund 4 months later.

If your competitors provide excellent customer service why can't you.

I feel like I'm dealing comcast customer service.Is there any sane micro center representative that can call the microcenter in Chicago and explain that if they lie about a warranty to make a sale they should accept responsibility fix the issue and have a staff meeting on properly selling warranties. Management has been helpless and condescending.

Is deception common microcenter business practice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1550.

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Hi reelsol,

I apologize for the frustrating experience.Can you email me with your receipt reference number and a good way to contact you? I am happy to help.



Customer Relations

Micro Center

to McCustrel #851853

I emailed you yesterday with the receipt information and contact to my direct line. My wife has done the same. You have our direct contact information.

to reelsol #851860

We can't wait to get this matter fixed.

Hopefully you actually call us James.


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