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I have a 30# dog that I usually put in the shopping cart and take him in the stores like Lowes, ABT, Fry's Electronics. Micro Center has this policy that doesn't allow dogs in the store not even in the shopping cart.

I will never buy anything from them!

Dog friendly electronic shoppers DON'T support this business. There are electronic stores that understand how important are pet in our life.

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Pacoima, California, United States #1224081 fixes this problem for us dog owners

Lancaster, California, United States #1153756

I'll shop MORE at Microcenter because of this policy. You might care to drag your dog everywhere but other people don't want to deal with your dog. It's a dog, not a kid, quit treating the dog like it's your kid.


Are you serious? Pet hair is the enemy of electronics.

Of COURSE they don't allow pets other than service animals. Why would they?

Pet hair shorts out electronics, especially computer parts. It's as bad as dust.

You're asking them to risk their entire inventory so that you can bring your dog in? Unless you need a service animal, I just can't see what you're thinking.

to Anonymous #1372668

I don't have to take my dog everywhere--but, since he's stuck at home 12+ hours a day while I work, it's good for him to get out and about.

After having someone's ill behaved kid grabbing things off the shelf and hitting me with them (while his mom was oblivious, aisles away, a well-behaved dog on a leash is a BIG improvement.

As for hair. Dust is as big an issue.

Most "electronics" aren't running in the store--with things in boxes, hair and dust won't get to them anyway.

Considering that most electronics function in houses with pets 24x7, the occasional pup in a store isn't actually going to "ruin everything" like that post implied.

It's totally up to the stores...but the replies here against dogs are pretty much entirely the personal desires of the person commenting. And they are inventing completely INCORRECT and WRONG reasons to support their desires.

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