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I most recently purchased a hard drive from this company in Colorado. I found the part on there online store.

I then proceeded to place the order. When your about to check out. There is an option to pick-up from store option. I chose that option.

I go to the store and tell them that I am there to pickup my online order. They tell me it takes up to 24 hours before the store actually gets the order. They then tell me that if I leave them my info they will cancel the order when it gets the store. I asked them many times in as many different ways as possible to make sure the answer stays the same.

Which is "yes we will cancel he order and there will not be a double charge.". Not only did I get double charged. But they tried to tell me that they didn't. Even after I called my bank with them on the phone and had the bank confirm that there was two charges from them.

This was 6 days ago. Not counting today. They have been telling me that the funds will be back in my account tomorrow. Tomorrow has amounted to 6 days.

Wont buy anything from these people again. Bunch of thieves. Here it is. The 7th day and no funds in my account from them.

On top of that. I had some little pony boy laugh at me when I told him that they double charged me. Would not recommend this company.

Next up. BBB complaint.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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What's a pony boy? Is it something that makes you feel good about yourself belittling a kid making minimum wage?


Same thing happened to me. Was charged twice due to a computer malfunction.

I was told that the one charge is most likely just a "hold" and I would be refunded the amount. I explained that this was a debit payment so no "hold" was taking place. They didn't care.

Filed with my bank to get the funds back. Won't deal with them again.

Athol, Idaho, United States #25620

It's not that they want that extra money, it is that there is a bad setup of the company's finances. This is common in retail, mostly because the law requires then to issue a refund within 30 days.

They obviously charge your credit card immediately, but when it comes to getting the money back, the law gives them some leeway. If the law was more strict on refunds this would not be a problem in most retail stores.

Red River, New Mexico, United States #15774

Update: Still no deposit. Waiting on 53.85.

Microcenter is fighting real hard to keep something that does not belong to them. My money.

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