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i took my computer to micro center to repair a broken screen. they replaced the screen, but also ran a diagnostics on my computer with out telling me and charged me 40$.

i was refunded for the diagnostics but my computer does not function properly. it goes to a black screen while playing video games and nothing was wrong before the repair besides a screen. i took it to them and they said my mother board and hard drive where broke and needed to be replaced, for 400$. my hard drive was replaced 1 year ago and a friend checked my computer and confirmed nothing was wrong with it.

i still do not know what is wrong with my computer but my friend is gonna help me figure it out. very poor repair service from microcenter

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Repair.

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notice every return note about a complaint about this company always gets what looks like a cut a cut and paste of the same thing.

i doubt anyone would get real help about a problem from the i know i sure didn't and no longer deal with them for anything

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #591334

We respond to as many complaints as we can find and try to help as much as possible. No response is cut and paste.

We don't have any robots or system that responds to complaints about the web. All of our responses are personalized towards each complaint we find with a sincere request for them to contact us so we can try to come to a resolution.

Rochester, Michigan, United States #584174

i havent fixed my old laptop ive decided against it after taking it to another repair shop and the problem would not occur for them. i have since purchased a new laptop, from microcenter to. they have good deals on laptops so i wasnt going to spend more...still never going to get a repair from there ever again.



I saw your comment and wanted to apologize for the negative experience you had at our store. If you would email your information to, I would really like to look into your issue.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Micro Center

Customer Relations

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