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I got a lenovo ideapad 100 for a graduation gift with a two year warranty. I've had several problems with this laptop and only had it for going on 2 months the mic phone doesn't work on it , speakers aren't loud and it doesn't hold a good battery life .

So I took it to micro center hoping I could just exchange it out for a new one to find out that I would have to leave it with the technicians so they could do a diagnostic test and that could take up to 3 days I explained to the sales clerk I'm in college and need a laptop for school so it's impossible for me to go 3 days without and I would have to buy a whole new laptop but I would only have 15 days to return it . So I decided to leave it with the people they told me it would be done by the end of the day I come back if it wasn't done so I just took my laptop and left , later in the evening I came back with my mom and grandfather who bought me the laptop . I explained to one of the sales clerks my problem he took a look at my laptop and said it was the motherboard a that was the reason why I was having the problems I was . So I end up having to buy a new laptop that night and leave my current laptop with the there technicians for another diagnostic .

So today my mom calls and tells me my laptop is done being checked over and that there is nothing wrong with my laptop. *** !! I've never experienced such a hassle in trying to get a new laptop I have a two year warranty on my laptop so in that warranty it states that it's covers if there are any problems and never said I had to jump throw so many hoops just to be told there's nothing wrong when I know there's is and who has a 15 day return policy?? That's ***!

Also the fact that they don't even sale my laptop anymore and it's only been 2 month .

And when I got my laptop back there were starches on there I've never put a dent nor starch mark on my laptop before. I've never received such terrible customer service in my life will not be going back

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Laptop Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1215184

Yesterday I returned my 4k tv which I had a 3 yr service warranty on. I told them I had issues with the pic flashing a white signal at the top and bottom as well as the sound popping.

I called to check on it today and was told they checked the settings and found nothing wrong, but when they changed the sound to the default settings it improved.

I asked to speak to a manager, he told me they tested it with no issues and desribed in detail all the settings they tried. When I asked if they had it in surround mode using a digital out audio cable through a surround sound I was told no. When I asked if they used a 4k hdmi cable and tried to use an upscaling 4k blueray player, I was told no.

When I asked if they used a cable input broadcasting in hd, I was told no.

I then asked them how they can blame it on my equipment and not the tv, if they actually only use an 1080p pic setting instead of 4k, and have the speakers on default and not through a digital output?

Needless to say he said they woukd try to test those settings but there was no guarantee because they don't carry that equipment in their stores.

Any suggestions what my next step should be?

I know for sure they can't test the audio, and it sounds like they won't be testing the 4k mode either. Although he did say they woukd try to watch a "short you tube video".

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