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Back in December, I purchased an IPAD 2 at the Microcenter store in Houston, Texas. I was persuaded by one of the employees by the name of Casey that I should invest in not one, but 2 year warranty just in case something happens to my IPAD.

He even mentioned that if a new IPAD is released and I am not satisfied, I can return my old IPAD, get a store credit, and upgrade to a newer version by paying the difference. I thought maybe I need to verify it with the manager, Mark Lucas, who confirmed that the policy is true. So I paid an additional almost $200 for the warranty and just a few days ago I went up there with my still in great condition IPAD to request what he has promised me 2 months prior, and his response was "We have no such agreement about any upgrades." He was not only rude about it, but as a loyal customer who built my own computer from this same company, I felt being lied to and very disrespected. Then, when I ask some of the employees there if they ever heard of the "upgrade" and they said yes, Mark went right up to me and rudely interrupted me, telling me to go somewhere else.

I have never encounter such bad service in my life. Mark Lucas did not only make his company look bad, but because of his poor act, he lost a very loyal customer and I'm sure to spread that news to all my friends and family who shop there as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Warranty.

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Independence, Missouri, United States #824413

you heard what you wanted to hear. They will replace it if it's not working and they bend over backwards for people with warranties.


But it depends on which manager you encounter when you had an issue with your IPAD. The one specifically in the Houston area does not know what he's doing.


He didn't give me any options. He just rudely said that there were no such upgrades.


Did he say not satisfied or if something isn't right. I dropped my Ipad 2 and cracked the screen.

The Houston store did what the warrenty prommised, They gave me a $500 gift card to shop for a new unit. The only thing I paid for was the Tax on the new Ipad and I did buy the warrenty again.

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