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I went to the flushing location because it was recommended to me. I knew what I wanted but I still asked questions being that I'm not great with computers and settled on an hp 250 G5.

The man fills the card and brings it to the customer service desk where a girl named Samira gets the computer and I begin to debate whether I want the added protection. She then alluded that I didn't want it because I couldn't afford the extra $50. Strike one. I told her she could add it and proceed to ask if she has Apple Pay.

She says no. Even though I'm reading that they do. I take out my debit card and she asks for ID. I give her my license and she stares at it for an extended period of time.

Then gives it back. She puts the chip in and I tell her that it doesn't work and that's why I asked for Apple Pay. She puts it in again and it says the same and says use the mag strip and she tells me no. She can't do that and that if I want it they can hold it until I get a card that has a working chip.

Annoyed I walked away to a cashier who tells me they do accept Apple Pay. So I ask if I can check out with him instead. He goes to get the computer where they begin to discuss that I can't take it and I'm STANDING BY THE DOOR. I ask someone what's going on and they tell me the computer was "put back".

How when I had to walk over here to get it and no one ever walked past me with it and I was standing in the same spot? And she looked just as confused. A manager then came up to me and told me that because they could see that I had a physical card I could not use Apple Pay. And I ask why she initially told me that they didn't have it in the first place and he tells me that she was misinformed.

And I said but it says manager on her name tag & he says that she is a manager in training. But what I didn't understand is why she was there alone if that was the case. So I ask again to use Apple Pay and he says I'd have to provide my finger print and have a proper phone. Bear in mind MY IPHONE 7 IS IN MY HAND.

I show him and tells me no. It's too late. I asked for her name and he refused to give it to me and tells me I can take his because he's taking responsibility. I say no and she comes back and I read her name tag and he shrugs and says now you have it.

And waits for me to leave the store. It's one thing to think I have a stolen card but I offered to pay debit with my pin and I asked to use Apple Pay if that was the case.

Never have I ever been treated with such disrespect. And I think it was ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1319116

You obviously have a problem if you cannot just pay in cash instead of using a debit card or Apple Pay. Financially responsible people never use those methods, due to how dangerous to your financial health they can be.

to rollo2016 Bayonne, New Jersey, United States #1319139

I prefer not to carry cash especially being that it was the night time and how I choose to pay for things is my concern. You haven't the slightest how financially responsible I am. Enjoy your day.

to rollo2016 #1360813

This guy says financially responsible people don't use debit cards or Apple Pay and use cash. This is the funniest thing I'll read all day, thanks for that.

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