I bought a motherboard from them about 5 months ago. It has a 3 year warranty.

When it went bad, I took it back to exchange it. They told me they have a 30 day exchange policy and that I should contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer told me to take it back to Microcenter. So now I have been ripped off twice.

By the board manufacturer, and by Microcenter. Microcenter has no way to contact the main company.

You are at the mercy of the store manager. As a result, I see no reason for me to ever shop at Microcenter again.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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OEM warranties are usually worse than regular new item warranties. Go research it yourself.

No stores are obligated to fulfil a MANUFACTURER *limited* warranty. Most stores offer their own warranties that you can opt to pay for.

If you don't, just try to RMA it or cut your losses. Getting mad at the store is silly, it is not their problem.


Yeah dude, you're an ***. It's call a manufacturer's warranty for a reason.


"the warranty is throught manufacturer only"

Not really; you're thinking of regular retail. On OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) stuff (like computer parts) the manufacturer will typically tell you to talk to the retailer.

And the retailer tells you to talk to the manufacturer.

And you're screwed -- if you're an individual, that is. OEM is only smooth for big computer makers.

Derry, Pennsylvania, United States #242464

Please contact Micro Center Customer Relations at custrel@microcenter.com. I hope we can help you out with this.


Yeah microcenter did nothing wrong in this instance. Granted they could have assisted in contacting the manufacturer but the warranty is throught manufacturer only

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