I got ripped off at microcenter in cincinnati,oh. I bought a 37" lcd screen which had issues since i bought it.

I had it sent in and they said that even though i had a 3 year warranty, and it was a factory defect on Olevia ( manufacturer) part, and I did everything honestly, they say they only will give me a coupon to go buy another tv at the same microcenter.

Well a $650.00 coupon is not enough to buy a new 37 " monitor. They did not hold up to their end of the deal, and even laughed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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wow thanks for posting here this is really SAD but I will not even step foot there! I was think about going there but after reading all these stories I REFUSE TO GO!


I built a computer with all my parts from microcenter and got the two year warranty. When the power supply freaked out and fried my motherboard and/or cpu i got a refund no questions asked and was offered cash to be redeposited on my card.

I asked for store credit because I wanted to buy replacement parts from them again. This was from the Paterson, NJ location.


I feel your pain. I know when I buy a car, I often go back to the dealership 2 years later and demand to get something I didn't pay for.

When I tell them I thought I paid for Sat Nav they tell me they wont give me one for free! It doesn't make sense.


I am very unhappy with Micro Center. I purchased a macbook pro 12/10 and was then sold insurance.

They told me about both the Micro Center insurance for $300 and the apple care extended warranty for $250 and I told them the apple care did not sound worth it and that I wanted the Micro Center insurance and thought that was what I was getting. It is partially my fault for not reading the receipt better or reviewing the insurance after purchase, but this was a gift for my college age daughter and I hurried, wrapped and gave as gift. Came time to actually use the insurance and found they sold me apple care which didn't of course cover the problem. Now I am left with an expensive computer that doesn't work.

Even though I covered the scenario with Micro Center they would not honor what I believed I was purchasing. I have bought several things from them in the past, but it is my last purchase with them.


I have nothing but great things to say about microcenter. I have loved everything I bought from them. I have always got 100% satisfaction.


I have had nothing but great experience in microcenter, the warranty is exactly what it states they always give you a giftcard so if you purchased a computer that was $600 and a three year warranty then your getting 600 bucks back three years later if something happens and that same money will buy you a much better computer so people seriously if you don't like the store go to rip off best buy and pay more get less knowledgeable staff and if you want to see a warranty fraud buy one there..... i don't know about you but i sure love my micro center, the rest of you seriously are just cheap old ***!

to NIck #801759

This guy HAS to work for MicroCenter...

to Ryan #1544814

I don't work for Micro Center and I agree with Nick (too bad his grammer wasn't better, but mines not perfect). I worked for Best Buy for 1-2 years as a teenager, thought they were great back then. My opinion Micro center > Best Buy


Just reading the negative comments...I have been researching your products and store here in St. Louis - I want to buy a laptop for my college student on a budget of course - now I don't believe I will even go to this store.


i have a computer monitor,last monday the screen shut off,turning it on and off over again,only a few seconds it works,same result with no picture.where is the nearest service center in seoul


I bought my wife a MacBook last year and got the warranty. Over a week ago, the screen shut off.

You could still hear that it was on but the screen went off. Turning it off and on over and over agin, same results with no picture yet with the drives running. They sent us a box to mail it off to them. After they received it, I was told that the motherboard had water damage that they did not cover.

Fine. I was also told that I could pay them a thousand dollars to fix it and the missing button and the cracked screen. Wait a minute! Surely they are looking at the wrong computer.

Mine did not have a cracked screen. Nor did it have a button missing. They argued that it was that way when they took it out of the box. My wife too care of this MacBook as if it were her first born.

She loved it and there was no physical damage to it. These people are liars who broke our property and refuse to fix it. The sad part is that they say the insurance/warranty only covered physical damage. Well, let's just say that we sent it in with a broken button and cracked screen....isn't that physical?

All we asked is that they send it back the way we sent it to them. The only mistake other than not taking pictures of it before we sent it off.....is actually buying it from them in the first place.


I purchased an HP M8120 desktop computer in September of 2008 for $699.99 with a three year service warranty for $169.99 on it. I purchased the warranty with the recommendation of the salesperson at Microcenter assuring me that the product would be fully covered for three years worry free.

On November 25, 2009, the computer broke down and I contacted the Microcenter warranty company for repairs. The repair company visited my home four separate times and never fully repaired my PC. The first visit the technician came to my home, he tried replacing the video card because I was not getting any picture on my monitor from the PC. This did not work.

He then puts the old video card back in leaving the PC in its original state. He tells me the replacement video card must have been bad as well and that the repair company would order new parts. I then called the customer service department of the warranty company. They told me they would arrange a second visit.

I waited another week. He returned the second time with a new video card and motherboard . He tries replacing the parts but the PC is still not functioning. He takes the new parts out, replaces the originals.

He then tells me that he will have more parts ordered and that it could be various different problems. I returned multiple phone calls trying to arrange a third visit. The repair company stated they had called me twice and left two voice mails at my home to arrange a new appointment. This was false.

I am a stay at home parent and I am always home to answer phone calls. I then arranged another appointment for repairs. I waited another week and a half for his third visit. When he returned the third time, he replaced the video card and the power supply, but stated that two of the RAM sticks needed to be replaced.

At this point my PC is functioning but without 1 GIG of its RAM. I called the repair company again to arrange an appointment. I waited another week and a half for him to return with the memory sticks. He replaces them and then tells me the motherboard needs to be replaced and the memory sticks are good.

Keep in mind that every visit this repair tech visited my home he was on the phone the entire time taking step by step instructions from a real technician over the phone. Not only was the repair person sent to my house incompetent, his knowledge of computers was extremely limited not making his diagnostics of the severity of my computer's damage a viable option. Today I received a phone call from the warranty company stating that the computer is not repairable and that they would like to buy out my warranty for a meager $56, leaving me with a partially functioning computer and over an $800 dollar loss. This is an outrage.

Not only did the repair tech not fix my PC, I believe his inexperience may have done further damage to my computer. The warranty company is stating they are no longer responsible for coverage for the remaining two years, and they can only offer me $56 dollars in compensation.

Not only is this an insult, I believe it is illegal under the better business act. I will no longer be a customer of Microcenter and I will be seeking legal advice to be compensated for the loss of my goods and make sure to report this incident to the Better Business Bureau.

to Mad ***sumer #1096011

Ignore this review this person is a blatant liar. Microcenter does not under any circumstances do in home PC repair.

I know this as i have been shopping here since the store first opened. I have on my occasions, and as recently as 4 years ago even asked if I could pay extra money to have them come out and fix my desktop.

(I am older and have a hard time hauling such a heavy desktop into the store) they were always apologetic and the answer has always been the same. They do not do in home service.


Our HP laptop has had problems from the date of purchase. The help we have received has been extremely irritating.

They had my daughter, a law student, crying because of the mean treatment she received by a supervisor. I have experienced this same mean spirited treatment when trying to get this lemon computer fixed. I was told by an employee at the Cleveland store that with the Platinum plan, accidental damage is the best plan. This computer has been repaired twice by HP and twice by Microcenter.

Our last computer purchase was an apple at best buy.

We have been thrilled. We are going to replace this laptop with another apple purchase from best buy.


Also we recommend that you do visit the address at the bottom of the receipts to leave feedback so we know what needs to be changed. We do apologize for the poor customer experience and wish that you would continue visiting Micro Center for your consumer computing needs. You will not find prices like ours anywhere else, and if you do we price match.


I too am suffering from the warranty. i purchased a laptop and the extended warranty from the Colorado store.

We had to wait for a week to get a phone call back from the warranty/insurance company. Only to be informed that it would cost them too much money to have us ship the laptop to them for repair; and they could not find a comparable laptop for the original purchase price. So instead they were willing to send me a check for the original purchase price. This seems silly. If they cannot find a replacement, how am i suppose to find a replacement? and the warranty does not transfer to the new laptop.

This was an inconvenient and frustrating experience. I understand laptops are fragile. I thought we would be avoiding frustration by purchasing the warranty. but this proves us wrong.

Big Beaver House, Ontario, Canada #41054

I have been doing business with Microcenter for years. Lately, I have not been impressed with their customer service.

Yesterday, I attempted to make a $478.87 purchase of some necessary computer parts (my mainboard fried, leaving me without a computer). The woman at the register had to call in my check and read to some computer my driver's license number, my checking account and routing number, my name and some other personal information. I was told my check was declined and handed a card with a 1-800 number for Certegy on it. I went home empty handed with over one-and-a-half hours of my time having been wasted after being treated like some kind of low-life who writes bad checks.

I tried calling the 1-800 number and, after dealing with a frustrating voice recognition system, was put on hold until I hung up over 20 minutes later. This is Bull ***!

:( After this experience, I am not sure I want to do business with Microcenter any longer. They don't seem to care about their customers.

to Matt M Dallas, Texas, United States #1096015

Or you could you know, pay by card. It's a somewhat newer payment system put into regular use in the last 30 years.

Blame the people that write bad checks not the store that has to cover their *** from potential theft. Checks are insecure and, therefore, require a greater level of scrutiny.

Olsztyn, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland #15671

I most recently purchased a hard drive from this company in Colorado. I found the part on there online store.

I then proceeded to place the order. When your about to check out. There is an option to pick-up from store option. I chose that option.

I go to the store and tell them that I am there to pickup my online order. They tell me it takes up to 24 hours before the store actually gets the order. They then tell me that if I leave them my info they will cancel the order when it gets the store. I asked them many times in as many different ways as possible to make sure the answer stays the same.

Which is "yes we will cancel he order and there will not be a double charge.". Not only did I get double charged. But they tried to tell me that they didn't. Even after I called my bank with them on the phone and had the bank confirm that there was two charges from them.

This was 6 days ago. Not counting today. They have been telling me that the funds will be back in my account tomorrow. Tomorrow has amounted to 6 days.

Wont buy anything from these people again. Bunch of thieves. Here it is. The 7th day and no funds in my account from them.

On top of that.

I had some little pony boy laugh at me when I told him that they double charged me. Would not recommend this company.

Derry, Pennsylvania, United States #8057

Dear Customer,

Your are welcome to contact us at 800-634-3478 so we can discuss your issue further.

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