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Do not ever under any circumstances purchase a monitor from Microcenter or else you may be left holding the bag in disbelief like me. I purchased a Samsung 23" Monitor from Microcenter in Mayfield Heights Ohio in August.

The monitor wasn't out in the store and a sales person brought it from the back room to me and I thought nothing of it and purchased it. I unboxed it at home that evening and found it had a cracked screen. I took it back the next day and they refused the return saying that it was concealed damage. I am beside myself how pissed I am for paying good money for a damaged monitor and then taking the fall for it.

I will be taking Microcenter to small claims court, filling a complaint with my Attorney General, my local new channel who investigates these matters, and tell anyone and everyone I ever meet to avoid this store at all costs.

I have never been treated this way for anything I ever purchased in the past anywhere else and this BS company can't get away with it. People need to know how this company operates and I will tirelessly work to be sure I spread the word.

Monetary Loss: $183.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #763170

Same here. Been shopping there for twenty years and have never had to return anything...luckily.

Bought a $700 monitor and USB connection was not working. The joke of a store manager turned the exchange down saying the pins were bent. Yes, that is why I brought it back a day after purchasing it. Of coarse Dell will stand by their product, and even offered to pay for return shipping, but I will be without my new monitor for 2 weeks at least.

Twenty years and this will definitely be my last purchase.

Best Buy was $50 cheaper but out and Amazon was $100 cheaper plus free shipping and no tax.

Only two reasons I went to Micro Center was that they had it that day and I like being able to walk a product back if anything is wrong. Oh well.

to Da Hilliard, Ohio, United States #763366
Micro Center Verified Representative

Hi Da,

We have received your email in customer relations and are looking into your issue. We will respond via email.


Customer Relations

Micro Center

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #753173
Micro Center Verified Representative

I apologize for what happened with your purchase at the store. Would it be possible for you to email me at with further details regarding your purchase? I am happy to help resolve the situation. Please reference your review from this site in your email for me as a reference.


Customer Relations

Micro Center

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