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It is May 2011. I bought a game for my little kid at a Microcenter store in Westmont, IL.

The game title is: Sim City 4 Rush Hour Deluxe for Mac. I looked at the price ($59), looked at the box (nice and shiny), asked the sales person if that is something I could present to my 5 year old kid - no problem he said. So I bought it. It turns out the game is about 7 years old and doesn't even match the resolution of a 3 year old iMac 24".

That means everything in the game is kind of stretched to fill the screen. My Intel iMac goes at 1920x1200. I called the store and they wouldn't let me to return the game. Well, on one hand I should have been smarter and do a research beforehand, on the other hand I think I was taken advanatege of, as nobody mentioned that the game was made for a G5 Mac and therefore expects much older hardware.

From my experience I must warn you to do a really good research online before you step into a Microcenter store. I don't think the approach they are taking is one of the good business practices.

- You could say it is my fault. Yet in the store I expect certain level of service. When I specifically ask the sales rep about the game, then I should get a straight information right there, so that I know whether or not it is something that is going to work for me.

Obviously that's not happening in the stores nowadays.

Next time I'll shop strictly on the internet. I'll save on taxes and the level of service is going to be the same, except no waiting in the line :-)

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You willingly bought it, and then are angry at someone else for allowing you to do so? Wow.

Derry, Pennsylvania, United States #287625

Hello Abstractcure,

As long as there is no damage to the product and you have all the materials that came with the purchase including packaging we will be happy to accept the item back for a store credit.

You can contact me at


Microcenter employees, as well as unemployed trolls, do not need to waste my time here. Thank you.

Besides that, the information is written in so small size font that I really can't read it without a help of a microscope. That's precisely why I relied upon the professional advice of a Microcenter employee.


The system requirements are printed on the outside of the box. You failed to compare that with the computer.

Your question to the sales rep was "if that is something I could present to my 5 year old kid" has nothing to do with the system requirements.

Totally your error.

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