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I purchased my macbook from Microcenter and discovered a crack in the screen about 1 1/2 in up and 6 in to center, but you can only see it if there is a complete white background. Tried to return it and of course they told me I damaged it.

It was only on my desk, never carried anywhere, used for less than 2 weeks. I have used laptops for 20 years and I DID NOT DAMAGE IT. They walked me through the typical, pets do it, you closed it with a pen inside (no corresponding mark on the PC) , so I ended up having them repair it, After it was repaired, they wanted $180 more than we agreed on to fix it.

Had several blow-out arguments with the manager who repeatedly hung up on me and they finally agreed to honor the price they quoted me. BUT I PAID TO FIX A PROBLEM THEY SOLD TO ME!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Repair.

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IF the screen was damaged before you bought it, it would only be possible from manufacturing. MicroCenter didn't sell you a broken product, Apple did. However, the likelihood of a defective product being sold from Apple is close to none. If the box wasn't damaged, then it didn't get damaged during shipping or handling to MicroCenter.

People break stuff and blame it on the store 99.9% of the time, that's why they denied the return.

And as for the manager hanging up on you, I'm sure you were extremely rude to them. You are not "above" the manager as a person, so treating them as anything less is wrong. Try being polite and see how far you will get in life.

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