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I purchased a laptop and paid extra for the accidental damage warranty plan. The plan is supposed to cover everything and any accidental damage.

The laptop started beeping at start up and I still had a year left on the warranty, so I took it in. The rep at the desk said the issue with my laptop was not covered under the warranty because the accidental damage only covers accidental damage and no other issues. I knew this was not right and spent 15 minutes arguing about how the warranty I paid for was supposed to cover everything. Finally, another employee came over an handed me their warranty pamphlet which stated what I saying was correct, that I purchased an extended warranty and added accidental damage to it, so everything should be covered.

They took the laptop in under the warranty. It took them 10 days to even diagnose the issue (which they said is the keyboard), and another 10 days to actually even order the part they said was needed. It has now been over 3 weeks and I have no laptop and no one can give me a time frame as to when it will be done. It should not take over a month to fix a laptop under warranty service, especially since I don't even need to include shipping it to them and having it shipped back, since you just take it to the store.

I have had warranty service on other computers and have had them back within 2 weeks even when having to ship it to and from the warranty center.

Don't purchase the extended warranty from microcenter unless you want to be without your product for over a month. You're better off purchasing an extended warranty directly from the manufacturer and forgoing Microcenter's warranty.

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Quite funny i got a simmilar issue with a tablet, which battery was dying after 1 hour of being unplugged from the ac.


1st. they accept my tablet for "repair" then they wait 1 week to ship the tablet somewhere in texas and its been 3 weeks since that day and no answer at all (How i know this, coz when i went in the 2nd week to ask about my tablet the rep gave me their tracking code used on fedex), Be aware of something when you use your warranty and you want to add the same warranty in a sneaky way the give you a downgrade warranty.

I ALWAYS purchase my items with the 2 Yrs replacement plan, but after u use it they sell you the warranty plan

Chicago, Illinois, United States #763200

...don't buy anything from Micro Center "."

Fairfield, California, United States #735388

Apparently OP is a computer repair EXPERT and knows exactly how long it SHOULD take to fix her laptop! lol.

What a dum chick. Apparently she also believes that it should be faster to take it to a store (where they do not stock any OEM parts at all for any laptop ever and I know this for a fact) rather than sending it back to manufacturer (who offers 3 day FREE FEDEX and also stocks every part every made for all laptops) wow.

I used to be a repair tech for a competitor and I come on here just to get laughs, thanks lady! Now this is you: :cry :cry :cry :cry

Marysville, Ohio, United States #673890

I purchased an extended warranty on my tablet and they gave me a gift card the next day for the full price of the tablet (almost one year old). I call it awesome.

to Anonymous Burnsville, Minnesota, United States #849329

Can you please tell me how your tablet was damaged? My iPad is damaged from dropping it, but I'm hoping they will give me a gift card instead of trying to fix it. Badly damaged screen, bent frame.

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #662644


I'm sorry to hear this happened with your warranty. Can you email me at custrel@microcenter.com with your information so I can see what I can do to help? I can understand how frustrating this situation is and would value the opportunity to resolve your issue.


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