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I bought my 12 year old son a brand new ACER computer from Microcenter in Madison Heights, MI on September 6, 2014. It was fine for a couple weeks, until my son told me he couldn't get on the internet.

I took a look and noticed he had no wireless connection capabilities at all...it just completely vanished from his computer. After having a couple friends look at it to make sure I was just not seeing a button or something that may have been turned off, I finally decided I needed to take it in to Microcenter to have it fixed, or exchanged for a new one. I was told when I got there that I was 3 days past their "30 day return policy" (even though their "Satisfaction Guarantee" states that "they guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund-no receipt needed". I even HAD my receipt and the box it came in when I purchased it!!) and the only thing they could offer me was to have it serviced by their technician for a minimum of $100...!!!!

After much complaining, I decided to just have them fix it and be done with them. I was PROMISED a call by their service tech the next day for a status.....never received a call. When I called them, they told me "we are busy, I will have someone call you back".

I will tell EVERYONE I know to NEVER, EVER purchase anything from this cut-rate, sketchy and unethical company.

They sell you on the fact that their merchandise is cheaper, when in fact, it is not cheaper because they end up getting their money from you in service repairs. I will be searching the internet for the name/email/number of the CEO and writing a letter directly to him.

All I wanted was to give my 12 year old a suitable laptop that wasn't too expensive for him to do his homework and play a few games. I am absolutely disgusted that Microcenter runs this type of unethical business and i hope that with enough consumer complaints, they will shut their doors for good.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Sold me a defective laptop.

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Carson, California, United States #1320456

It sounds like your computer's ethernet driver became corrupt or was deleted... a VERY EASY fix that takes about 10 seconds to resolve. You should have inserted the CD that came with your computer and reinstalled the driver.


My Family has been buying from our local Micro Center here in Minnesota since Windows XP was released.

My Brother-in-Law also buys Micro Center equipment for his business, and I build his computers.

He has returned equipment as far out as 6 months on rare occasion - (such as a Qnap NAS) - with FULL STORE CREDIT!

Sometimes it's more convenient to buy at MicroCenter, and sometimes you may save buying online -but Microcenter has ALWAYS leaned toward the Customer's Preference, when dealing with a return, in my experience - especially when you're requesting a store credit.

Communication skills are valuable.

Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States #922723

Micro center is just like Lenny, a big joke. My son warned me not to buy from them and I did.

Just after the 90 day mark my computer completely died and I was SOL. All the comp was used for was MS Office, and surfing.

It was a refurb that they knew was bad but got me on it. My last laptop was less money and lasted for about 3 years.

Yonkers, New York, United States #922107

Listen if you were late then you were late that's it. Its a business if the receipt said 30 days why did you wait 33 days to cry about the situation its people like you that mess it all up for all of us.

Its because of customers like you that the keep changing the rules. Bet you used to fight with the teacher in school every time you were "late" to class huh ?

to Lenny Lopez Chicago, Illinois, United States #1197051

You're right. Policy 30 days that means 30 days.

And it's not there their fault your computer broke.

They did not manufacture it. I guess instead being ungrateful SOB I suggest contacting the manufacturer for RMA.

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #893414

Hi there,

I apologize for the frustrations with the unit. Can you email me at custrel@microcenter.com with the repair order number from when you checked it in for service, the reference number from your receipt, contact information and this review for reference?

I am happy to look into this with you.



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