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I bought a powerspec 30" TV and it is towards the of warranty (bought a 3 year extended warranty). The screen constantly turns off at home, yet when i brought it in to microcenter to fix, they tell me there is nothing wrong with the TV and won't fix it.

Gave me some BS about it probably not getting "Clean" power at my house which causes the screen to turn off. I asked my samsung technician who came over to look at another tv in my house, and he said that was a bunch of BS. I am never buying a extended warranty from them again or anything for that matter. They do not provide adaquete service at all and simply refuse to fix my tv probably because the warrantly only has one month left.

I even recorded the tv being broken and they still won't believe me!! Unbelievable!

Microcenter, u lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Warranty.

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I am having the same problem and the tv is broke.unfortunately my warrenty is way passed.But you should contact the attorney general and let's make this company stand up and be accountable, this is why nobody buys US made, we don't stand by our products.good luck


MicroCenter can't fix the problem if they can't duplicate it. They probably kept it for a day or two and couldn't find the problem, and because the customer "needs" an answer as to why the product wasn't fix, they said something about the power in your house not having a constant voltage.

I would have told u the same thing....bad timing i guess. Can't fix what is not broken

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