I used to work for microcenter until last week I found a better job and informed them accordingly. I was told by my managers that because they didn't want me to go they would give me a bad reference if I tried to use them.

Not only is that unprofessional but it is also Illegal. So I let it go and did not use them as a reference as I already had good references. The straw that broke the camels back for me was the fact that the other employees only care about themselves found out I was leaving and decided to fake being sick as usual when they don't want to come to work and go home half way through the day leaving me by myself. So yes I was mad I packed up my belongings and at the end of my shift went home taking my personal tools I owned previously from my last job that were gifted to me by my father for college graduation.

I am now hearing that they are saying I stole my own tools. I went back up to the store and was going to purchase something for my mother and was told by another employee that management was saying I stole tools from them because I quit working for them. This is ridiculous and I used to love my job but this is enough let alone the bad practices I have seen working here in the past. They really don't care about the customers they only pretend to care because the commissions are what they see when you walk in the door.

Granted some customers try to pull one over on the store there are a lot more people that honestly purchase bad items I cant even count on my fingers how many items I have bought as an employee that I returned the same or next day. The company is a joke and they cant even find people to work there understaffed over worked and out of work.


Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Customer Care.

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I went to the Dallas location. These people are relentless when it comes to their warranty.

If I tell you no, stop asking!

I hate going to this place because you have to practically beg for help. I went there to exchange a Win tablet for a Samsug, but I left with a Toshiba, which I'll return.


I went to the Micro Center in Dallas.they're relentless when it comes to purchasing their warranty. If I tell you no the first time, stop asking! I hate this place because I went there to

exchange a Windows tablet for a Sumsug and I ended with a Toshiaexchange a windows tablet for a Samsung .I walked out withyou beg someone for help and they told you into buying a you have to befor help g someone to help you

Denver, Colorado, United States #834150

Been purchasing and recommending MicroCenter Denver for well over a decade. Recently I purchased a tablet, for my daughter.

Within a week it had cracked-completely an accident. I needed to get another, but felt that, as I had not purchased a warranty, I was not entitled. I went to my local Best Buy which is a very convenient 12 minute drive from my residence. (I have driven to MicroCenter dozens of times in the past-about 25 minutes way-as I have believed in them, their products and pricing, etc).

I decided to call MicroCenter, as I approached Best Buy, simply to check on what it might cost to repair said tablet. I called the number located on Denver website and spoke to someone I could only have though worked AT this location. he asked me what the problem was and I told him it was a cracked screen. "No problem" he said, "you've had it a week; we'll fix it, no charge".

I was thrilled, pulled out of the Best Buy parking lot and went down to MicroCenter. On arrival, mass confusion. Not only did they deny this, but said it would be $207 to replace said tablet. This escalated to management, who, after much ado, decided to replace it.

They were out of stock of this model, but eventually found a used/out-of-box unit which I hesistantly agreed to take. This was marked down from the original $130 to approximately $100. Would you believe it, within a week it had cracked! But wait, there's more!!

I had purchased the warranty, viz. spill/crack warranty ($29.99) so I took it back. The (dis)service manager, whom I had never met before came to the front and I explained my story from the beginning. he looked at me and said: "I will refund the original $130 to your card....and you can go and buy it somewhere else..." Well, for approximately $29.49 you, MicroCenter Denver, have lost my business for all times.

When my credit hits my card, I will, with alacrity, visit Best Buy and purchase a tablet. Shame on you, Mr Service Manager for very bad representation of your company.

You have NO right to make decisions on this basis, but having done so have lost perhaps tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of my business (and others). Thanking you.

to VERY Disappointed ex loyal cus #1155768

You are a self righteous entitled ***. next time purchase a case.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #795060

My managers saw this review and they want me to tell the truth or they will take me to court for slander. the truth is I did not find a better job I was let go for stealing tools.

I only posted this review because I was angry that they were threatening to use this and reveal this information when I asked them for references. The employees that I am claiming who were pretending to be sick, this is not true, I only posted this because they were the ones that reported me for stealing the tools and claiming they were a gift.

I was so angry that they fired me that I returned everything I could find a receipt for.

to Anonymous #842632

Sounds like a real concentration camp they're running over there. Forcing an ex-employee to speak this way. Scary stuff.

to Ridi***us #970733

Not really sure who or what to believe tbh

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