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Update by user Jan 17

The store addressed the complaints and resolved the issue.. Thank you microcenter.

Original review posted by user Dec 18, 2017

For starters i heard about this place online. Found out they had a store near me and wanted to check it out.

The advertised prices were good so i was excited to stop in. Also the face to face buying experience is far more enjoyable (at least in theory). I used the quick pickup feature to reserve my cpu and mobo and left my house for new jersey. When i arrived over an hour later it still wasn't ready(no email received).

No problem wait in line at the quick pickup. That's were the problem started. 5 people in line took me over 45 minutes to get to the register. They still didnt have it.

Ran to get it. There was nothing quick about the pickup. Employees looked lackadaisical and confused. No urgency and didnt care about the customer experience(thought customers satisfaction was their first priority) .Rest of trip went ok (helped myself).

Byo pc guys were helpful . Seemed pretty knowledgable( have to give credit were it's due). Grabbed some other stuff for a diy build. Left.

Came back for a graphics card a few days later.. Open box. Seemed like a good deal but box was atrocious. When they repacked it they didnt even put it in a static proof bag.

I was convinced to put a "replacement" warranty on it. My mother ended up in the icu shortly after and i had to postpone my build. That put me at the end of the standard 15 day return period. I called to see if i could put the warranty on the other products i had bought over the phone.i was told no.

I had to travel all the way back. An hour each way with my mom in the hospital and spend 40 dollars or so to warranty the products just to protect my investment in the parts i had already purchased through the initial build. lt was marketed as a replacement warranty but if you got a better deal than the one thats currently advertised... you are screwed.

They said they will fullfill the obligation in the cheapest way possible. So i spent money to just ensure a full refund for potentially defective products. Also i basically spent $30 to extend the return policy for my vga for 2 days. The kicker is that the vga manufacturer is awesome and they are going to repair it for free so i really spent the $30 for nothing.

They actually have a real warranty! Not one were i have to spend $ just to protect my initial purchase past 15 days. Even newegg has a 30 day return policy. I feel like i was extorted for a warranty because my family was in icu.

I heard microcenter is usually a good store and very customer oriented. My experience did not feel that way. I've also heard the Patterson NJ store is the worst run microcenter in the area. It would be nice if someone from corporate addressed this issue and compensated me for my wasted money/time/aggravation.

I called the store. They don't want to be bothered.

They are rude and short. I dont expect compensation though because corporations nowadays rob consumers blind, and bait them with disingenuous information, then offering sub-par support and nasty attitudes after they take our hard earned money.

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Micro Center Verified Representative


We are very sorry to hear about this experience. We would like to find out what happened, could you please send us an email with a copy of this review and details about your purchase (transaction number) to custrel@microcenter.com? Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue!

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