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I purchase a LOT of computer hardware for my company, and clients. I am astounded that a firm that is supposed to be high tech and cutting edge could have such a ridiculously bad web site. I cannot log in, ever, without having to request a password reset. The email to reset the password usually doesn't come, and I must call their security department because (of course) the tech you chat with on the web site cant help you. (if you are patient enough to wait it out for them to respond).

Also, dont ever think the inventory shown on the web site is accurate. TWICE I have entered orders for pickup, driven 12 miles to the store, only to find the items which were shown as in inventory were not. Outrageous!

Their time might not have much value, but I have to use every minute wisely and I cannot afford to run to their store for an urgent need when they dont even have the item in stock they said they did.

Extremely unhappy with the functionality of their website. Also, there is no place to submit an email to management, no addresses of the corporate HQ, only ways to submit emails back to the useless customer service people. Its obvious the management of this company does not want to talk to those pesky customers.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #847158


I do apologize for the frustrations you've came across on the website. I am happy to help.

Can you email me at custrel@microcenter.com and we can look into what's happening here with the web orders.



Customer Relations

Micro Center custrel@microcenter.com

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