I used to shop the Cambridge, MA store, but not anymore. Sure their prices are decent, but they treat the customer like ***.

They supposedly have an 18-minute gruantee on their order-online program, where you order the items online for in-store pick-up and they guarantee that they will notify you within 18 minutes of your placing the order that you can pick them up. I've used it 3 times and each time it took them HOURS to get back to me. I informed the manager - no change. They just don't care about the customer.

Every time I go into the store, I have to search for the item I'm looking for. It never seems to be on the shelf - always in the stockroom and I have to find somebody to get it for me. Again, brought to the manager's attention, but no change. The last straw happened yesterday.

I dropped in to purchase two hard drive enclosures. One was fine, the other obviously used with all the parts out of the packages, packages torn open, parts missing. I had to drive in again (a 15 mile round trip through Boston traffic)to reurn it. I informed the manager, but - you guessed it - all I got was a "Sorry" and no indication that anything will change.

Don't make the same mistake I made: do not give this store your money. They have no respect for the customer.

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