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Some of the salesmen are either confused or they just act like they are not not motivated enough to help you.

And their managers don't do a good job either, except the general manager.

He is a great guy, and he needs to train his staff to treat customers like they matter.

Then the sales supervisors are horrible. They act like they own the whole of microcenter and even get rude sometimes.

They dont even try to listen when you have an issue that you are raising. The store has a nice selection of items, but I will be taking my business somewhere else if this rudeness continues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Manager.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #800463


I apologize for the perception we've created in this situation. I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to look into this with you.

Could you email me further details to custrel@microcenter.com?

I am happy to help as we value you as a customer.


customer Relations

Micro Center

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