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This happened to me at the Marietta, GA MicroCenter store. On 10/27 in the evening, I went to the store looking for cables or adapters to connect a monitor with DVI output to a laptop with VGA input.

I am not computer savvy and have a slight idea on what I need, but do not know the actual names for the inputs and outputs from the monitor to the laptop. I found an employee without a name tag and ask if he worked at the store, his cocky, taunting and insulting response was “Last time I checked, I still work here." By the tone of the response, I expected this to be an awful experience with this employee, but needed the adapters. I tried to explain in many ways what I needed, expecting a little help or hints form the employee, he just nodded impatiently shaking his head from side to side and breathing hard, responding that I needed to be more specific and that such things do not exist, there are several types and he could not help if I was not specific. I asked if he can show what they have.

The further obfuscated and employee visibly upset and shaking his head, goes to a terminal, opens google and looks for certain adapters. I tell him by the images what my monitor cable looks like and how the port in my laptop looks like and I ask him what I exactly need. The employee now was visibly angry, goes through several shelves to pick up some items and handing them over to me. Once he gave me about 3 items, I decided to ask him about his behavior and lack of customer service by asking: "Are you always this friendly and patient with customers?" his response was: "well there are some people ..." to what I replied: "I am one of those people...

The employee interrupts me and with his index finger pointing towards me touches me in the chest with a slight push/shove in a threatening manner. I reacted telling him: "did you just touch me? Oh no you don't "and I started looking for a manager, just having time to briefly explain about the physical altercation with the employee. The employee followed me to the office and since I did not feel comfortable ant threatened in the same space, I decided to leave the store, get in my car and call the store to speak with the manager on duty, explaining in detail the above and requesting that this be seen in the security cameras.

The manager who I spoke stated that she would escalate to the general manager via an e-mail and that if I can be contacted.

I gave her my contact information but requested that this information not be shared below a manager level, as I felt threatened and insulted inside the store. I have never experiences this in a store before and here in this country, no one, I mean no one touches anyone like this and this manner.

The employee’s description, about 5.9inch Caucasian, limps and has a spikey hairdo, looks to be about in his 50's.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: address with employee, take it further.

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Hi sir,

I apologize for this experience. I believe we have spoken with you here at the corporate office and were able to come to a resolution.

Thank you for speaking with us and if we can be of anyt further assistance, please email me directly at



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