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on nov19 2012 i purchased from microcenter in paterson nj a nikon cool piks p510 camera and memory sticks. the price that day was $349.99 a big discount from the nikon listed msrp of $429.99. the sales people are either lazies or try to be knowledgeable on items they know little about. i asked to see the box at the area, and was told it's is at the register waiting for you just ask for it. the cashier treated me like i was dirt, when i refused their extended BS warranty. i told him 1 that i was a long time photo person, a certified computer tech and knew that store brand extended warranties are just a well known rip off.

On Nov 22nd in need of some other computer related items like a mother board, for a custom build for a customer of my own. i checked on line for the items needed on newegg and tiger direct and microcenter. and took a look at the nikons price. it was down to $299.99 for black Friday nov 23rd a $50.00 drop. so while there on nov.23rd, i went to customer service,the line was about 20 people deep and a 45 min wait.

asking about the price drop and showing the receipt i was told we don't refund even when there is a price drop, in less then 30 days like a lot of other stores, i was treated like a pile of horse or cow droppings, when i got home i filed a email complaint though their web sites posted area. no return on that yet

now today nov 26 2012 the price for cyber monday they have the price of the nikon p510 is $399.00 saying discount from the full mspr of $429.99 . what gives with them. a $100.00 spread over a time frame of 7 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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this is working day 4 since i first filed a complaint though your web sites help/contact us area on nov 22nd where you state we will respond in 2 working days.

i also see the price today is still up at $399.00 for the item up $100.00 from black friday and $50.00 from the pre holiday every day sales price.

i await a return for my email sent to the customer relations address you posted above. and have returned to buying my every day needs for custom built computers for my customers from newegg and tiger direct. and as your store sales and check out people treat every one as they are a possible shop lifter


emailed you.will see if anything in reality happens.


Hi Captchas,

This sounds frustrating, i would really enjoy talking about this issue with you more. Please email me at with details about your purchase and your contact information. I apologize for this frustrating experience.


Customer Relations

Micro Center

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