after giving my computer to the chicago service dept mgr who directly promised multiple times his department would have the diagnosis ready within 24hrs for me, his service staff member worked on my computer only partially and decided to go home and not call me with the complete diagnosis anyway.after receiving no call from them on my computer after being promised diagnosis in 24 hrs i called and spoke to a lady who was clearly incompetent and did not know the difference between a laptop and desktop and the brand of a computer. after waiting to the second day of diagnosis the service mgr was first and foremost highly defensive for his staff and said that staff member who worked on my computer has much work and is overloaded and it is not his fault really for not calling me with the complete diagnosis and finishing the tests on the computer.

the third day, i got all the way home and the computer had new issues that were never there before. when calling the service dept the guy was highly apathetic and condescending. the next day, day four, the seevice mgr sent me an email defending that staff member's disrespectful attitude and said if i do not like the service then come and get my money back.

the service mgr here is unashamefully apathetic towards customer needs and negative experiences from his staff when it comes to believing the customer over the staff. he hides it well in person but when an issue arises your side of the story will not be believed and he will flaunt his apathetic attitude and throw out his excuses for his staff's poor treatment of customers.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #591396

I'de like to look more into your issue here. Could you email me with your information and a brief description of what happened to custrel@microcenter.com ?


i meant to hit funny not *** sorry

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