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It's been about a week now, I did online shopping on microcenter and they told me that it will be shipped on today's date, but so far I have not receive any email about shipping out my item. I went to check on my microcenter profile and it still says "pending".

If this item isn't ship out sooner or later then I'm canceling my order as I pay a lot for next day delivery and $20.00 worth of tax that is unbelievably ridiculous for one single item.

I wish they have a tracking system in which I can actually "see" where my items are located and not have to worry so much of where it is. It would be helpful to have tracking system like how ebay would.

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I apologize you are having trouble checking the status of your order. If you email me at custrel@microcenter.com with your order information, contact information, and details about the situation, I will definitely look into what is going on. I'm here to help. :)


Customer Relations

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