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I bought a refurbished HP laptop from your Westbury, NY store back in July of 2008. Recently I brought it into your repair shop there and found out that not only is the LCD screen shot, but the computers hard drive needs to be replaced as well!!! I was told by the sales person last year that the computers are as good as new and that the only reason they're so much cheaper than the original price is because they are outdated models. I paid a little over $600 for mine and have now sunk almost $350 into it for repairs. This is totally unfair and not reasonable. I would like to know what if anything Micro Center will do to help me. I don't think a laptop should last one year and only to be told "sorry, its not covered under the warranty anymore". The person I'm dealing with over at Westbury is a guy named Dan. He's very very nice, but anytime I want to speak with anyone at the store forget about calling. NOBODY ever picks up the phone. Can you please help me out. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Repair.

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P.S. It doesnt matter new or refurbished, HP or Acer, top model or low model...

What matters is that Micro Center research what they are selling and not sell anything that is known to have problems because it is them who has to back their products and compensate the consumer if it was an unbelievable poor product. Atleast that is how you run an honorable business


The exact identical thing happened to me. I posted it in detail, but basically they sold me a refurbished HP laptop that burned out 8 months later and they refused to honor their warranty. They kind of jimmy rigged it to get it to work, for a short time before it broke down again, and it seemed like they wanted to ride down the value of the computer or the life of the warranty before declairing it a problem that could not be fixed and therefore pay out less(value depreciates over time and they took a year to finally say they cant fix the problem). I find this very shady.

And yes, they dont answer their phones nor do they talk to you. If the service rep tells the service manager someone wants to speak to them they run out of the store saying they are on break or have to pick up their kids or giving some excuse everytime.

Extremely incompetent customer service.


Bob, you don't know what your talking about...

Refurbished HP computers come from HP, not MicroCenter.

Derry, Pennsylvania, United States #165535

Refurbished computer is a nice way of saying USED. They take the best of the *** pile and sell it at their stores. BEWARE!

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