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After a couple of weeks of countless communications with Micro Center, I am sad to say that they continue to demonstrate an "it's my way or the highway" attitude, with absolute no consideration to their customers.

Though James from Customer Relations was very prompt in responding to my complaint, he could not offer a satisfactory resolution. He was very quick in quoting from the Apple website and from the extended warranty that I purchased; but when I also quoted from the extended warranty where it says that the "repairs would be provided by an authorized center", all he could say was "I'm sorry".

I'm sorry is not enough. If you breached the extended warranty by repairing my IPAD when in fact you are not authorized to do so, then an apology is not enough. I EXPECT A FULL REFUND. I now have a non-functioning IPAD that cannot be repaired by someone reputable like Apple because a "non-authorized vendor modified it".

So Micro Center offers to repair it, but I have to pay for it and maybe they can "split the cost". So again I ask, what about the fact that you weren't authorized by Apple to fix the IPAD? James said, "I'm sorry. This is what Micro Center can offer you".


I had purchased my IPADS from Micro Center as well as many other things, but I am NEVER STEPPING FOOT IN THAT STORE AGAIN. And I will tell all my friends and co-workers about this. I have dealt with other million-dollar companies in the past and it has always been favorable. This is a first.

If you could consolidate all monies paid to your employees that have argued this issue with me, it would be 10 times the $585 that I'm asking!


Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2014

I purchased my second ipad from a MicroCenter on Central Avenue in Yonkers, NY. In addition, I purchased an extended warranty for $60.

During the year, I had issues with the ipad so naturally I took it to that MicroCenter to have it repaired. The second time that I brought it in to have it repaired they returned my ipad with a dented back cover. So I had to go back. By now my warranty had expired so I took it to the Apple store.

I was dismayed to learn that this Microcenter is NOT AN AUTHORIZED APPLE IPAD REPAIR CENTER and therefore they voided the warranty when the repaired it. I was flabbergasted. To make a long story short, this was in July. I decided to give corporate Apple a call and advise them of what happened and after many communications MicroCenter consented to give me a REFURBISHED IPAD.

What gaul!

Why should I accept another voided warranty ipad when I already have one. And I need not talk about the managers at this MicroCenter that were totally unprofessional and unaccommodating. Needlesstosay, I did not accept the refurbished ipad and I expect to be made whole by MicroCenter before I finish my formal letter of complaint to MicroCenter corporate headquarters.

And by the way, they still say they are authorized to fix ipads even though Apple say contrary.

Reason of review: False Advertisement and too many to list.

Monetary Loss: $585.

Preferred solution: New ipad.

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West Babylon, New York, United States #1181135

People need to contact the Westchester dept of consumer affairs. Don't waste your time trying to resolve through Microcenter.

They will get it resolved.

Or take th email to small claims court. I guarantee you will win there.


I suppose you're Innocent in all this? This post seems terribly one sided.

My experience with their customer relations has always been good. They will work with you as long as you don't make crazy demands.

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #874653


I apologize for the frustrating experience. I am happy to look into the issue with you.

Can you email me further details to with your last repair order number from Micro Center?



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