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I'm a security researcher and professional. I also happened to be disabled. I had ordered a very expensive computer (more than 4,900$) from MicroCenter Houston which is one of my group's/company's place to shop.

The manager knows me and my teams, and he's seen me with my wife. She happened to go pick up the the machine our team ordered for a project today, handed one of the managers and the CSR 5$k cash which everyone was nervous about and it was counted 2x. They handed her "the machine" which was in a brown shipping box thus she had no way to verify serial/specs/etc and as well she should not have to.

She brought it back to our office and my team opened it tonight to begin getting some work done. I thought it was odd that it was silver and not the right spec color, booted and looked at the system info. Sure enough the machines specs were an entry level 2k machine not the 5k we paid for. I had her return it as I was not able to do so myself.

Upon arrival the rude and unhelpful manager, Jeff White made her wait while he looked at security cameras. Even though the receipt serial, box, shipping, and machine serial all matched the false product description they had.

He quickly suggested my wife of ripping them off and insisted that he look through security footage to verify. While I have no problems with as I can understand such a large transaction can be subject to scrutiny. The fact that he had the audacity to even suggest she was pulling a scam/theft was beyond absurd.

She's not even into technology and was doing me a favor by going since I was not feeling well. She was in her pajamas and in tears for crying out loud and he would not speak to me on the phone for whatever reason.

Finally after me threatening legal action/PR, they started counting out money. Of course 5k worth of 10's and 20's because big bills are too difficult for these idiots.

The 35k/mo my teams spend there will now go to other vendors. While this will not break the store's piggy bank, this is a symbol noting that I will not direct any business to a group or company that accused wrongfully such ludicrous accusations without any form of relevant evidence.

Jeff... If you are reading, and I hope you are. You just lost a very long-time set of loyal customers.

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Micro Center Verified Representative

We have looked further into this and would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding this. Please email us at with a copy of this review. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

Micro Center Verified Representative

We appreciate you reaching out and sharing with us. We are sorry to hear of this experience and how your wife was made to feel in our store.

We are further reviewing this situation so we may address this. Thank you.

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